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  • GreenPlantern - Electricity's favourite cable?

    While conducting myself through metal, I found myself suddenly feeling... different. Better! It was like flowing through liquid gold, except not quite. I was flowing through the AudioQuest cables. However, my enjoyment only lasted a few nanoseconds, as I soon reached the speakers and was converted into magnetism. You will have to ask the magnetic forces for sure, but I don't think there was any difference in their experience. The cables were for my benefit alone. By the time any sound waves were produced, the experience was forgotten completely. Do your electricity a favour: Buy these cables.

  • HL260 - Sadly, no difference for my lashes...

    I really wanted to like this product and gave it a long trial to see if it worked. Unfortunately after several weeks I have noticed no difference in my lashes. I also was a little disturbed by something printed on the tube about getting more product for a very minimal price. It just cheapened the product. I have previously used another brand and it did work for my lashes, so this trial was just disappointing.

  • Nancy - Best tea ever

    I drink this everyday. I even love to open the box and smell the aoma before I start to brew my cup of tea. I do not even use sugar to sweeten this tea. It is a great brand of tea.

  • MikePot - Fit weel

    Fit well good for the price. You do require side rails already installed or you should know how to install them before you buy these

  • Nazario Duca - Great camera good quality

    Wonderful camera, good quality picture can be viewed by multiple users. We make use of it as a child monitor when baby naps. I may know how well it will work when we move him to his crib and put it to use all night. I don't want to keep my mobile phone on at all times.

  • Teresa - A fun program to help design your home

    I've enjoyed using this program-it does take some practice and reading, but the tutorials are very handing. The program allows you to get the measurements and dimensions of the structure. Elevations are available as well. The 3D feature is very detailed and you can switch easily from 2 to 3 D. There weren't as many kitchen and furniture pieces to select from as I would have liked, but it's a good program to map out a home plan.

  • Toni Paolini - Sorry but it seems more like a scam

    I bought 15 licenses and I received only 10. I tried to contact support for more than 1 month and I could not reach anybody. I get stuck with pre designed support options. You cannot reach a human being to explain your problem.