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MRC Prion Unit - The MRC Prion Unit was established in 1998 and is located at the UCL Institute of Neurology where it is closely integrated with the University Department of Neurodegenerative Disease. The Unit was formed to provide a national centre of excellence with all necessary facilities to pursue a major long-term research strategy in prion and related diseases.

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  • Ginger Mims - Not so Enhanced

    We returned this product quickly because Enhanced Payroll only allows you ONE free employee.... any employee after that is $2.00 a month per employee. I don't like paying extra for something I've supposedly already paid for. Terrible.

  • Sierra Wilson - Had the opposite effect & made thyroid worse

    Two of my kitties have Hyperthyroid and have been on Methimazole for a while now. I chose to get this product after reading so many positive reviews. I wanted to try something different, mainly because one of them was not responding as well to the methamizole as she used to, and her thyroid levels remained high despite increasing her dosage multiple times. The drops were very easy to administer, as you can just put it on top of their wet food. They didn't seem to mind the flavor at all (supposedly bacon-flavored), which was a plus, because they don't take pills very well. However, I was very disappointed because after using it for a little over 2 weeks exactly as directed, her thyroid levels SKYROCKETED. The Vet was shocked to see them that high. They increased substantially compared to when she was on the methamizole. She also lost nearly half a pound in that time period, which is A LOT, especially considering prior to starting this she was only just over 5 pounds. My other cat lost his appetite, which is very unlike him, and was losing weight as well. I really wanted this to work. Maybe it does for some, but not mine.

  • Aaron L. - Overall I am happy with this item

    Overall I am happy with this item. GFCI trigger works just fine. one star off because it is hard to read the three windows if one didn't come on. The light spill will make you think all 3 lights are on even only two are. The way to get around it is to have a control reading from a another outlet to compare. For the price, I will buy again.

  • YourDarkQueen - Dupe or ?

    I haven't seen a single helpful testimonial about this product since I've researched it. Not here. Not Instagram. Not the official website, Google or even YouTube. You would think since its seemed to have launched in early 2015, there'd be a few TRUTHFUL, HELPFUL reviews, but there aren't & I won't buy until I see a few - **ALSO** it's reported you won't see any results until about 2 months (2 jars) - all you April buyers - BE PATIENT - THEN review.