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  • Thoughts kill, Curiosity just kills you faster. Never over think anything. - GOOD STUFF!!!

    Gave it to my dog to see if it works. The little basstard has not stopped licking him self for a week.

  • swaff - Decent, but not amazing

    The UV protectant has started coming off after only a few weeks in not-that-harsh weather, and the spray nozzle on the "surface activator" gunked up after only 2-3 sprays to where it would not spray anymore. I am an avid DIYer, and followed the directions really closely and took my time, so it's not that I didn't do the process right...I've restored a lot of headlights. The tape that comes with the kit is more like electrical tape than painters tape. I would not use that on my car, and others have posted that it did indeed take off some of their car paint. The sandpaper that comes with this is rather small. I'm not sure what the "surface activator" actually is, but it smells alcohol based, so maybe just something like rubbing alcohol that is a good cleaner.

  • Stacy - Can't wait for the next one

    Having never read this author before I wasn't sure what to expect but I found only a few grammatical errors and a story line that pulled me along right to the end. I am far from being described as YA and this book kept me going into the wee hours. Would have gone 5 stars if the grammar issues weren't there but believe me when I say they didn't detract from the story appeal at all.

  • annie7664 - 100 Stars

    Awesome product!!! This is a wonderful product and the product discription was right on. I would recommend this product to any one. I use this product every day and have only had to charge it once. Love that you have the option to have the lights on the keyboard on or off.

  • Rick - Good camera for the price.

    Definitely a good camera for the price. Bought it for my pops for Father's day for his 2015 Prius C. Took about two hours to install. Although I'm a former car audio installer and do a lot of work on cars so it would probably take a little longer if not used to this kind of work. Definitely like the no-splice design so no permanent alteration to the vehicle wiring was necessary alleviating any warranty issues. Had some issues with resetting the radio to work properly but the tech support was quick to respond and knowledgeable. Mounted next to the rear hatch button so I didnt have to drill through any sheet metal but I did have to shim it to aim it correctly. Overall a good value.

  • FloridaTechie - Great components for the price, Strong Frame

    I spent a long time researching hardtail 29er bikes when I decided to buy one. The LBS had bikes in my price range but with inferior component groups and mechanical rather than hydraulic disc brakes.The Diamondback had the best component group and hydraulic disc brakes for the price I wanted to pay. 10 speed cassette for this price is unheard of. The frame got wonderful reviews online and I agree it is solid. Assembling the bike is more complicated than road bikes because of the disc brakes and a more detailed instruction guide would have been helpful. The brake pads squeal some as they are braking in but the noise stopped after about 20 miles. Rolls over everything in its path and faster climbing than my old 26inch dual suspension Trek. The ride is bumpier because it is a hardtail but is considerably lighter. I have read that 29ers can be slower to turn in tight situations but did not find that to be the case with mine. My only complaint is the cheap seat that came with the bike. I also replace the pedals immediately with clip ins. Good value on Amazon.

  • MellonC - Complete Satisfaction

    This is the ultimate cart bag. Right down to the materials used and the construction technique, this trumps all other bags in the industry by far - and I've had many bags in my 20 years of playing golf. Better zippers, better zipper pulls, well guarded club entry points, solid bag grab handles, durable bag materials, sturdy carry handle attachment harness, better "mousetrap" cart strap "run-through" design, well thought out pockets including velour lined pockets for electronic stuff and cooler pocket for beer, and deep dyed color that look really durable. Truly worth the money. I can't think of an improvement needed. BTW, This is essentially the same bag as the Titleist Lightweight Cart Bag because Sun Mountain is the manufacturer for Titleist bags.