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  • Cseh - Kind of dissapointed

    I thought it would have been full of great examples, but it's just a boring instruction manual. It's hard to find subjects within the chapters.

  • Dominique - Great if you're a robot

    It was ok I just don't like that I have to take it 30 minutes before I eat.... I'm not on a schedule and I don't have time to put myself on one

  • matt kramer - A True Netbook

    The chromebook is exactly what a netbook should have been. It is basically a cheap device that lets you surf the internet with the convenience of a keyboard....nothing more and nothing less. I actually prefer this to an ipad or any other tablet for two simple reason. 1) it is half the price of an ipad and 2) it has a physical keyboard. By no means does the device feel cheap. I would say you are getting far more quality than $250 worth. The best way to describe the keyboard would be a that of a macbook air, but slightly cheaper feeling (more plastic). The trackpad is also very good...better than 3/4 of the ones on current PC's. I am use to using a mac, so you can change the trackpad to scroll similarly by going to trackpad settings in the chrome browser and choosing "enable simple scrolling".

  • Cali-Jo - Installed quickly, appears to be a great tutorial

    I almost didn't order this because of the reviewers saying they had trouble installing it, I am so glad I did! After I choose which tutorials I wanted to install, one at a time, there was a moment lag until I got the message from Windows asking if I wanted to install, after that each one I installed went very quickly and easily. I have only started them to make sure they were there and they look very imformative, which I read good reviews about. This is on a new Samsung laptop.