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  • general bonkers - Living up to expectations

    I recently purchased Rustoleum Restore for a 10x10 backyard deck and noticed a few bad reviews on amazon. The product sells in different sizes (and a kit) so you can see more positive reviews for other variations. I thought I'd give my feedback and try to raise the rating a bit.

  • Amazon Customer - I was in love with the cleanser but not so much the pealer

    I followed the directions as told by the sales women as soon as I got home from the mall. I've been using it for about 3 days, I was in love with the cleanser but not so much the pealer! I broke out in a small rash around the chin!

  • Natalie Novak - This did help to calm my baby down, but ...

    This did help to calm my baby down, but I don't feel it helped at all with his gas issues. It did however calm him down enough so I could massage his little tummy, can't do that with a screaming baby. I'd buy it again.

  • Amazon Customer - This is now the ONLY way we cook pasta. Easy pasta dinner in less than 20 minutes!!!

    After several months of use, we've come to love it so much that it is the ONLY way our family cooks pasta.

  • Pencil - Best Antivirus on the market.

    Once I made the switch to Kaspersky, I never turned back to any other antivirus software. My system has been virus free (I hope I don't jinx this) for 3 years thanks to this. I've tried Norton AV, Avast, AVG, McAfee, and Avira on my older computers but neither of them are as agile as Kaspersky. Kaspersky detects a virus straight from a download. With Kaspersky, I have not came across a virus which it cannot disinfect. Other AVs would delete or quarantine the infected files. Overall, I think Kaspersky is the best in the AV market.

  • katelyn - Nooo

    This sucked. I don't mix and I don't drink a lot to begin with. I just always wake up feeling a little sick no matter what I drink. Last night I took the pills as directed, ate dinner, had five glasses of wine during the whole night and drank water between every drink. I had to sleep until 1:30, threw up like a rabid animal, and had a headache until 2. I've honestly felt better when I've drank a bottle of wine and took nothing then when I took these pills. I'm so confused. I'm just gonna drink again tonight without taking the pills bon Jovie it and live on a prayer.