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  • R. Schmidt - How does Rick know so many off the beaten path ...

    How does Rick know so many off the beaten path places in Paris? We found his recommendations to be spot on. He's kind of a nerd, but so am I, and I wouldn't travel Europe without Rick Steeves.

  • John S. - Pricey for what it is, but it is great case

    good solid case. when you grab your phone off the counter you feel like you got something in your hand! absolutely no gaps in the phone/case nice tight fit (which is nice) i had quite a few cases since i bought my 6+ but i like this one the best. if i had to gripe about anything.....i would say just slightly more rubbery coating on the surface to help with grip factor. other than that i love it. Had a chance to test it out recently at Publix while shopping....it fell out of the cart and smacked the floor Hard! Lady in the aisle looked at me in horror.....picked it up and she said "is it ok?" Yep its fine, but i was worried about it since it was face down after the tumble. good enough for me! love the color too

  • Edward W. McCullough - Don't waste your money, even if it's free!

    Received a promo copy with e-file for Fed + State; thought I'd give it a try. I observed that subtotals appearing on line 17 of NY State form IT-203 were transposed! State subtotal values appeared in Fed column, Fed in State. I thought I was doing Block a favor by pointing out an obvious glitch in their product, but quickly saw that I would get nowhere in online chat with the Customer "Service" Rep. Will not be using the product because I now have reason to distrust the output, and expect a painful experience trying resolve any issues that may arise based on the interaction below.

  • Tina Ptach - Product is a total fraud!!

    I tried this product thinking it would help to tighten up my midsection while losing weight after my weight loss surgery. The product did not stay in place as they advertised. It constantly rolled up and it was almost impossible to keep it in place. I used it for 30 days and say no results or changes in my midsection at all, just the continuation of loose skin gathering instead of a tightening of my abs as I lost weight. When I tried to return the products I was given the hardest time by the customer service reps. just to get my full refund. I would never recommend this product to anyone and would definitely not recommend dealing with this company ever again. I finally got my refund by threatening to go to the media and exposing their product as a fraud!