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PharmSource | The leader in market intelligence, data and analyses for the global contract bio/pharmaceutical industry. - The leader in market intelligence, data and analyses for the global contract bio/pharmaceutical industry.

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  • Peter Levin - Recommended

    I have been taking this for one month and definitely notice results. I am excited to start on my second bottle and see even more results.

  • Christy - Works amazing and is very well made and durable!

    I got this awesome walking stick for my husband to take with us on our weekend hikes. He recently had his ankle pretty much rebuilt due to a really bad injury and it bothers him pretty bad at times on our walks even though it is fully healed. So a friend and Dr. suggested that we buy a nice walking stick that way it helps him out but does not look like a cane therefore making him not feel as old. HAHAHA. So I went on the lookout for something nice but something that did not cost an arm and a leg. I came across a few nice ones but they were very expensive and a few I found were super cheap and I was afraid it might break really easy. The reviews were not so great so I decided to keep looking. Then I stumbled across this one and instantly loved it because of the color and because it does not look like a cane. It looks very sturdy and the reviews and price were great so i decided to give it a try. I ended up getting a great discount on it when I was checking out too so I was stoked. We have been using it for the past 2 weekends and my husband loves it. It really helps him out a ton. This thing is very well made and will last us a very long time. I am so happy with my purchase and happy that it really helps my husband a lot! Thank you so much for a great product!

  • bruce jones - Very easy to program

    Way cheaper than purchasing through a dealership. Very easy to program, but don't rely on the directions you receive with the remote. You will need to Google "programming remote for, (whatever year your auto is)" to research the programming process. There are several videos available through you tube. Good product and great service.

  • D. Egyud - Good game ruined by idiot DRM

    Let me start out by saying SPORE is a good game. Having played the first three stages so far, I am pleased with the end result - the helpful and intuitive interface guides you effortlessly through the evolving and building stages, and the capability for infinitely customizable creations makes this a very powerful tool.

  • Squatch - Nice headlamp...

    I just got this Moobom 500 Lumen headlamp yesterday and got to try it out last night. I bought this mostly for myself for when the kids and I take our dog out for summer walks at night when it is cooler and I want to have my hands free of a flashlight. I elected to buy another headlamp because I have seen more and more people who walk in low light conditions using headlamps to alert oncoming vehicles they are walking. You definitely will be seen when utilizing this headlamp. The rear safety light on this one is a real added bonus feature for that reason. I already have several headlamps I use for camping and emergencies but I don’t want to unpack them and not have them where I need them… when I need them.

  • Amazon Customer - Fairly certain that the product I purchased is fake due ...

    Fairly certain that the product I purchased is fake due to the strong alcohol smell. It still feels silky and silicony, but I've been purchasing from salons since this experience to make sure I get the authentic product. There seems to be a lot of Chinese biosilk floating around online.