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Peverell Chiropractic Clinic | FREE initial consultation service - Looking for a Plymouth Chiropractor? See why so many people choose to use our Chiropractic Services. Effective proven treatment Ample free parking.

  • http://www.peverellchiropractic.co.uk/about-us/ ABOUT US – Peverell Chiropractic Clinic - Plymouth Chiropractor Kevin Kelly 20 years experience. Professional affordable services at Peverell Chiropractic clinic.
  • http://www.peverellchiropractic.co.uk/plymouth-back-pain-clinic/ BACK PAIN – Peverell Chiropractic Clinic - Back pain? visit our Plymouth back pain clinic for EFFECTIVE treatment that has successfully treated thousands of patients over the last 20 years.
  • http://www.peverellchiropractic.co.uk/conditions-helped/ CONDITIONS TREATED – Peverell Chiropractic Clinic - Examples of common conditions treated are back pain, leg pain, neck pain, headaches, sports injuries, migraine, knee pain, pain between the shoulder blades
  • http://www.peverellchiropractic.co.uk/conditions-helped/leg-pain-and-slipped-discs/ SLIPPED DISCS AND LEG PAIN – Peverell Chiropractic Clinic - Experienced and cost effective Leg pain and slipped discs treatment at Peverell Chiropractic Clinic
  • http://www.peverellchiropractic.co.uk/conditions-helped/neck-pain/ NECK PAIN AND STIFFNESS – Peverell Chiropractic Clinic - Visit out popular Peverell Chiropractic Clinic | Professional, Experienced, safe and affordable treatment for neck pain.
  • http://www.peverellchiropractic.co.uk/conditions-helped/knee-pain-and-stiffness/ KNEE PAIN AND STIFFNESS – Peverell Chiropractic Clinic - Knee pain and stiffness is one of the joint problems commonly treated at Peverell Chiropractic Clinic. We use a proven multifactorial approach to treatment
  • http://www.peverellchiropractic.co.uk/conditions-helped/pain-between-the-shoulder-blades/ PAIN BETWEEN THE SHOULDER BLADES – Peverell Chiropractic Clinic - One of the most commonly treated injuries in our clinic. Pain between the shoulder blades can be caused by stress, computer work, lifting...
  • http://www.peverellchiropractic.co.uk/conditions-helped/headaches-and-migraine/ HEADACHES AND MIGRAINE – Peverell Chiropractic Clinic - Headaches and Migraine treatment at Peverell Chiropractic Clinic our centrally located Plymouth chiropractic centre.
  • http://www.peverellchiropractic.co.uk/conditions-helped/shoulder-pain/ SHOULDER PAIN AND STIFFNESS – Peverell Chiropractic Clinic - Chiropractic for shoulder pain, Comprehensive treatment for shoulder injuries, Kinesiotaping, Myofascial Release and Instrument Soft tissue mobilisation
  • http://www.peverellchiropractic.co.uk/conditions-helped/hip-pain-and-stiffness/ HIP PAIN – Peverell Chiropractic Clinic - Hip pain and stiffness. Hip stretches are very useful for maintaining hip mobility and reducing pain and stiffness. Download your free exercise sheet here.
  • http://www.peverellchiropractic.co.uk/our-services/ OUR SERVICES – Peverell Chiropractic Clinic - We provide comprehensive services: Chiropractic, Sports massage, Kinesio taping, Myofascial release, exercise rehab, Sports injury treatment, massage
  • http://www.peverellchiropractic.co.uk/our-services/chiropractic-treatment/ CHIROPRACTIC TREATMENT in our central Plymouth chiropractic clinic – Peverell Chiropractic Clinic - Chiropractic treatment in central Plymouth, just off Peverell Park road, ample parking. Phone 01752 253777 now to use our popular FREE consultation service
  • http://www.peverellchiropractic.co.uk/our-services/plymouth-sports-injury-clinic/ SPORTS INJURY CLINIC PLYMOUTH – Peverell Chiropractic Clinic - Sports Scientist | Doctor of Chiropractic Dr Kevin Kelly | Myofascial Release, Sports Massage, Kinesiotaping, Joint Manipulation, Mobilisation, Exercises
  • http://www.peverellchiropractic.co.uk/our-services/sports-massage-and-massage-therapy/ MASSAGE THERAPY AND SPORTS MASSAGE IN OUR PLYMOUTH CLINIC – Peverell Chiropractic Clinic - SPORTS MASSAGE in our Plymouth clinic. In recent years Sports massage has become an indispensible tool for helping sports injuries and sports performance
  • http://www.peverellchiropractic.co.uk/our-services/myofascial-correction/ Myofascial Correction – Peverell Chiropractic Clinic - Myofascial Correction™ is a modern technique which is used to treat the fascial component of injuries.
  • http://www.peverellchiropractic.co.uk/our-services/plymouth-kinesio-taping-services/ PLYMOUTH KINESIO TAPING SERVICES – Peverell Chiropractic Clinic - Plymouth KINESIO taping Services , Joint and Sports injuries experienced practitioners using kinesio tape. CLICK to see a Kinesiotaping VIDEO
  • http://www.peverellchiropractic.co.uk/testimonials/ TESTIMONIALS – Peverell Chiropractic Clinic - Most of our testimonials have names and company positions, if you view our testimonials you may see someone you know!
  • http://www.peverellchiropractic.co.uk/videos/ VIDEOS PLEASE BROWSE through our Patient Information videos showing Plymouth Chiropractor Kevin Kelly demonstrating some treatment techniques. – Peverell Chiropractic Clinic - Please look at out Chiropractic videos to see Plymouth chiropractor Kevin Kelly demonstrating spinal manipulation and our exercises programs
  • http://www.peverellchiropractic.co.uk/map/ CLINIC FEES AND DIRECTIONS TO OUR LOCAL CHIROPRACTIC CLINIC – Peverell Chiropractic Clinic - Peverell Chiropractic Clinic. 49 Ganna Park road, Peverell, Plymouth, 150 metres from Central Park, affordable prices, parking
  • http://www.peverellchiropractic.co.uk/plymouth-chiropractor-kevin-kelly-profile/ KEVIN G. KELLY PROFILE Plymouth Chiropractor – Peverell Chiropractic Clinic - Plymouth Chiropractor Kevin Kelly graduated from AECC with a Doctor of Chiropractic. With over 20 years experience he is the principal chiropractor at Peverell Chiropractic Clinic.
  • http://www.peverellchiropractic.co.uk/contact-us/ CONTACT US – Peverell Chiropractic Clinic - The contact page for Peverell Chiropractic Clinic, Plymouth Devon. Please either ring us or use the email link provided - Thank you
  • http://www.peverellchiropractic.co.uk/plymouth-chiropractic-low-back-exercises/ LOW BACK EXERCISES – Peverell Chiropractic Clinic - Plymouth Chiropractic services at Peverell Chiropractic Clinic providing Chiropractic treatment in conjunction with our exercise and rehabilitation programs.
  • http://www.peverellchiropractic.co.uk/chiropractor-plymouth-exercises/ NECK / UPPER BACK EXERCISES – Peverell Chiropractic Clinic - Professional Chiropractic treatment in our popular Peverell Chiropractic Clinic.See why we are the number one choice for many patients.

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