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PeerVoice - Independent medical education for a multi-channel world - Today’s healthcare professionals need to stay on top of the latest medical information, but are also challenged to find the time. PeerVoice provides key scientific data and current clinical perspectives in digestible, convenient formats, which practitioners can absorb quickly and retain easily.A member of the P\S\L Group, PeerVoice draws on more than four decades’ experience developing trusted healthcare information media. Our "right-channel" mix is optimized for how, when, and where clinicians prefer to engage with medical information. As technology advances, we evolve our direct-to-professional audience recruitment strategies to ensure we reach this increasingly busy and sought-after audience as effectively as possible, whether electronically or in-person.

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  • Donna Byrd - All of the best ingredients needed for liver repair.

    I am so excited to have received my Liver Support & Cleanse Supplement! I have read many positive reviews about it and I know this is going to help me. I have Fatty Liver disease and I really need some help. I have researched and found out what will help my liver. This product has EVERYTHING I NEED to heal my liver (besides prayer) I have no doubt that this will aide in my recovery from this painful disease. I also want to stress how affordable this product is. I will post after 1 month of usage and keep you updated of my progress.

  • sue g - Always interesting

    Always interesting. Love the cartoon on the cover. Articles and interviews of how chefs got started, kept going and what they would do differently, if anything, if they could do it all again.

  • BernieB - FAKES! The lid is ill-fitting. Bought on Prime ...

    FAKES! The lid is ill-fitting. Bought on Prime Day as a hot buy and didn't do my research. Shame on me and shame on Prime Day for selling these fakes.

  • Marilyn G. - bad skin problem

    soon after taking this product, I got these bumps on my face that erupted through skin.... I believe the pills were causing clusters of hair to grow under my skin and form cysts.... my face was covered in them including my earlobes!! I had to extract this hard crap out of sore or it wouldn't close up and when it did, it left deep scars and each sore took over 5 months to clean out!! I took this product for over a year and when I stopped taking it, I stopped getting the sores but my face is left with scars all over it that may require plastic surgery to fix....am in process of taking legal action against them!!

  • AnneZR - Gift for health conscious father

    Bought this as a bday present for my 65 year old father who is very health conscious and takes care of himself. He really likes it and uses it. He is pretty up and up on new technology so this was perfect.

  • Vicky Gallas - Certainly Worth the Cost of the Book

    I found invaluable advice on where to play in Vegas as well as slot payout information in this book. We didn't end-up using any coupons while there, but the book does have more than 10 coupons that we had intended to use and could have. For these reasons I give the book 5-stars.