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  • Hummybyrd - Best Security Program I've ever used.

    This is the best internet security and virus program I've ever used. I've used this for over ten years and would recommend it to anyone that's looking for a security program. This takes care of way more than Norton Anti-Virus did.

  • Mecca - Great Light.

    I recieved this light yesterday and so far I have been pleasantly surprises at how much light this can throw. I have been searching a small flashlight that wouldn't break the bank and the TN12 made good on that. I plan on using this light as my EDC because of the 5 different settings and the strobe. Very well constructed, kneeling is great in the hands and light enough to forget about it being in my pocket. The clip itself is very strong, almost to much as I have trouble putting in my pants but that will eventually work itself out. Only complaint is that the clip should of came from the factory all black, but that is an easy fix.

  • Amazon Customer - Thanks! for getting Aurora back out.

    Thanks! for getting Aurora back out. Very good suspense and always interesting read, just the right amount of light heartedness.

  • Gordon Fritzler - Everyone, I mean Everyone with a small or simple estate should have this product!

    this is my second version, should have updated the 2012 version, but did not. It has served its purpose very well, and I am still putting the finishing touches the information sections to my beneficiaries. I will use it to help my close ones to write a will and health care directive. While a depressing process, by experience, I well know the pitfalls of dying without a will have and will cause. Thank you again.

  • Enigma - Nothin' But Love

    I don't rave much about a product, but I love this stuff!! It's a light weight oil that absorbs quickly without leaving a residue. It has a fresh nutty smell that isn't strong. I have naturally dry hair and on top of that I color. Within days Agadir Argan has moisturized my hair, especially the ends. What's even better is that my hands are softer. Big plus!