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  • Dee Rose - EXCELLENT SOAP!!

    Excellent soap for exfoliating "Morgellons"!! Gets the itchies out and traveling "buggies"(looks like sea salt flakes. Works on contact!! The 'bugs' come right up!!

  • A. Anderson - Again Mr. Horn Raises the Standard

    Again, Mr. Horn hits the nail on the head! This book is both a worthy and important read if you want to know what is really happening around you. It is well researched and easy to follow, yet extremely informative. Highly Recommended!

  • Hailey T - Decent quick read.

    It's a very predictable if inconsistent story. The writing isn't terrible but the author uses the same words and phrases repeatedly, and there is little to no character development. Max and Lola Grace's relationship goes from 0 to 100 unrealistically. Let's also not talk about how stereotypical and, honestly, kind of annoying Lola is. Perfect "tiny" body, magically naturally huge breasts despite this fact, beautiful long blonde hair, beautiful blue eyes...straight out of Hitler's wet dreams. There also seems to be a few ideas the author just didn't explore, or forgot to elaborate on, such as Max's fascination with BDSM which is briefly mentioned only at the end but is written like its a huge point in the plot. The "villains" of the story were so callous and cold and detached that they felt more unrealistic than anything, as I couldn't find myself even hating them since it was so ridiculous. Overall if you want an easy read with some mildly entertaining smut, this book is for you. I typically find myself craving more than just random sex followed by magical, irrevocable love, though. Sex can be both steamy and realistic, both of which this author kind of missed the mark on unfortunately.

  • M. Prieto - 15 Months of use later - we couldn't be happier

    As first time parents with a penchant for smart shopping my wife and I agonized over the purchase of our daughter's stroller. We read reviews and ratings on the Baby Bargains Book (a must), we read detailed, comparative reviews on this and other strollers by other Amazon users and elsewhere. I will not try to outdo them. I'll keep it simple.

  • AvidReader - Good fantasy romance

    Interestingly there was not a lot of physical descriptions of the characters aside from the aliens having wings and scales. I found that enjoyable as it allowed me to picture the characters using my own imagination. First book in a spin off of a series I have not read that is engaging enough that I want to continue with this series as well as reading the original. Not really a sci-fi even if the aliens did arrive in a space ship from another planet.

  • Amazon Customer - Do not enter their stores! Their products are false.

    If I could give this zero stars I would. Like so many others I fell for the con. I was on holiday in New York when I was offered a sample of their moisturising cream. I was asked if I would like a sample of their eye cream and since I was flying home that night I thought why not. As soon as you are in the shop the hard sell starts.

  • David - From Very Over-Hyped Mattress to Practically Perfect

    I purchased this bed after I bought a Beautyrest Recharge from Sears. I returned the Beautyrest after 25 days because it was just too hot for me and my wife and caused us to constantly sift our position to find a cooler area of the bed. Loved the bed at first but then it was just too hot to live with...and this was in winter. Sears charges a 15% restocking fee so I decided to go ahead with the Casper since they don't charge anything for returns. In the end, I realized that buying a mattress from a place like Sears is just as big a gamble as buying from an online store like Casper or Amazon. You will never know how your body will react to a mattress unless you sleep on it for several weeks. Not to mention that the demo mattress I tried in store didn't really feel like the mattress i received. So trying a mattress out in a store is very over rated in my opinion and when they charge a restocking fee for returns...its a no brainer.