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Parkinson Study Group - Parkinson Study Group is a non-profit scientific network of Parkinson centers. We engage professionals in research, funding and clinical trials for Parkinson's Disease.

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  • Tonya - Works Wonders

    I used this after suffering from chronic infections. I would take antibiotics for a bacterial infection but would eventually have another infection. It felt like a never ending circle between fungal and bacterial infections. This helped tremendously. It also is a great great remedy for a sore and inflamed throat. I've had tonsillitis 3x this year. I developed inflammation again recently and opted to try this. NSAIDs did not help a lot. I took this and within an hour my throat was no longer swollen. I spent 3 days before taking this having difficulty swallowing. It was stunning how much it helped and I didn't want anymore antibiotics, s now I do not have to.. I would recommend this for things such as the common cold, URI, and all things -itis as it helps with inflammation. It also helps enhance the effects of other herbal remedies. (E.g. Combined with echinacea) choose goldenseal ROOT over other products that may be made from the leaf.

  • Amazon Customer - How are you reviewing a book when you have not ...

    How are you reviewing a book when you have not purchased it? Check manage your content first. If you have it then you purchased it so that is a mistake from amazon's end not the author. An author's review is based on the author's writing not who you purchased it from. If it was done that way then barnes and noble would be out of business! Think before you review.

  • M. C. Tee - I expected the worst

    I was expecting terrible. My standards are super low for movies lately. I think most American directors of mainstream blockbusters like these have completely given up and are just collecting a paycheck. At least I hope so, cuz a monkey with down syndrome could write a script better than most of Hollywood these days. But I digress. This movie was fun and entertaining and I'm really into the Rock lately. His acting skills have improved with each film he does and he seems like a reallly nice guy. I enjoy watching him on HBO's Ballers. Check out the show and watch this movie.