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  • Itsy Bitsy Spider - Got rid of musty smell in car.

    Got rid of musty smell in car. I just bought a used car and it had a very nasty musty smell in there that I didn't notice when test driving it. After smelling different places in the car I found that it only seemed to be coming from the 2 front seats. After cleaning them with 2 different types of carpet cleaners, as well as using 3% hydrogen peroxide, and also trying lysol, the smell eventually came back (although it was much more weak than it was when I first got it).


    I LOVE .. LOVE ... LOVE these earbuds!!!! These are the best little guys ever!!! I am so excited about these earbuds, and the fact that I live in Texas and walk outside and sweat like a crazy person and these are water resistant ......

  • Roy Martinez - Functionality at a compromise

    I first got my hands on the Toshiba Chromebook when my brother visited during the holidays. After being without a laptop for a few years I was impressed. The screen was nice and the keyboard is pretty decent. I like to think a good measure of a portable laptop is being able to forget about it when you're on the go. The laptop is amazingly light and the Toshiba Chromebook passes this test as I never really feel like I'm lugging a laptop around all day. It's lighter than some of my textbooks!

  • Kenny D. - A must have

    This a J. Coles best album to date. Conceptually very clear, message and topic management or content is tremendous. He also has grown so much lyrically and is definitely in the conversation of best Mcees out today.

  • Jorge Ariel Garcia - No pain, no fuzz

    You put it on, you wait 8-10 minutes and you wipe it with a damp old t-shirt and you are hair free for 2 weeks and on the third week the hair slowly starts growing back. Even my wife that is used to the salon methord of hair removing says it's better for doing larger areas all at once (i.e. arms, legs, etc..)

  • Amazon Customer - Did not do anything even had a empty cassel in ...

    Did not do anything even had a empty cassel in the bottle guess not much quality control going on there