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Pain Care Clinic of Idaho, P.C. - Pain Care Clinic of Idaho (PCCID) near Boise, Idaho is the first and only clinic in the U.S. designated and certified as a Scrambler Therapy® Technology Center of Excellence by the inventor Professor Giuseppe Marineo, Phd, MD, DSc, researcher and Founding President of Delta Research and Development, Tor Vergata, University of Rome. Dr. Edmund C. Boese has been trained and certified in Rome, Italy by Professor Marineo to administer and train physicians in Scrambler Therapy® Technology for chronic neuropathic pain including RSD/CRPS, oncologic chemo induced, neuralgias, surgical intervention in the United States. Scrambler Therapy® is a non-narcotic, non-invasive revolutionary, state-of-the art pain therapy for the treatment of chronic neuropathic pain and cancer pain.

  • http://www.paincareclinicofidaho.com/scrambler-therapy-technology/ Scrambler Therapy® Technology - The Scrambler Therapy® Technology is a medical device designed for neuropathic pain ...
  • http://www.paincareclinicofidaho.com/conditions-treated/interx-therapy/ InterX Therapy - A new and unique pain therapy for both acute and chronic pain. InterX Therapy is a non-invasive (no needles, no surgery) and non-drug treatment technology that is safe and can be used on patients of all ages. It is an advanced electrical neurostimulation technology that returns patients to active rehabilitation in optimal time.
  • http://www.paincareclinicofidaho.com/other-therapies/ Ancillary Therapies | http://www.paincareclinicofidaho.com/ - We provide many Ancillary Therapies that we utilize to help our patients treat their pain.
  • http://www.paincareclinicofidaho.com/conditions-treated/ Conditions Treated - We are often asked about the conditions we treat at Pain Care Clinic of Idaho. This is a list of the conditions that we treat. if you have questions regarding the treatments please do not hesitate to give our office a call. We are happy to explain how we can treat any of the conditions that you see in the list below.
  • http://www.paincareclinicofidaho.com/meet-the-doctor/ Meet Edmund C. Boese M.D. D.A.B.A., D.A.B.M.A. | www.paincareclinicofidaho.com/meet-the-doctor - At Pain Care Clinic of Idaho you will have a one on one meeting with Dr. Boese to evaluate yourcondition and with you determine what treatment plan works best.
  • http://www.paincareclinicofidaho.com/legal-page/ Legal Page - Pain Care Clinic of Idaho, P.C. 742 E. State Street, Suite 150 Eagle, ID 83616
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  • http://www.paincareclinicofidaho.com/faq/ Questions and Answers | www.paincareclinicofidaho.com/faq - Many people may have questions before visiting with the Doctor. This is perfectly normal.
  • http://www.paincareclinicofidaho.com/directions/ Directions To Pain Care Clinic of Idaho, P.C. - Our clinic is located off old State Street in Eagle, ID directly across from the Eagle Post Office. 742 E. State Street, Suite 150.

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