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  • samuel johnson - READ! tips and true story!!

    Started almased 13 days ago doing the 14day only three shakes a day then may add skinless chicken to a dinner but not sure I'm loving these shakes. I'm 6'1 320lb 25 year old male that lifts a lot but still eat more than I would work off, well until I started the diet. First I agree taste not the best but after being creative it taste great and I like them. I do 10 oz unsweetened almond milk, 1 tablespoon coconut oil, 8-10 tablespoons almased and top off with ice and blend I always take green tea extract with ginseng root and caffeine as well. Might add some cinnamon soon as I read it also helps with fat metabolism. Anyways as long as you make the shakes with more then just almased and water it taste pretty good. And to top it off I'm down 23lbs, tomorrow is day 14. note that I have been lifting and cardio like crazy too so it can't take all the credit but to my surprise I'm never hungry till about a half hour before my next shake.

  • Michael J. Dowling - A little embarassed to have bought this book

    A little embarrassed to have bought this book honestly. I gave it two stars because he does give some much needed advice to men. Take care of yourself, be the best you, you can be. Do things to make you feel confident, have an action plan to move on in the event your wife/girlfriend cheats or still treats you like garbage. That all is great advice and very important. Fact is most marriages end in divorce, and women are cheating more then men today and it's only increasing. You would be a fool to marry without at least entertaining the idea of how to protect yourself in the event your wife cheats and you divorce. It's also amazing what losing 50 lbs and bettering yourself can do to a woman, especially an aging woman. She will start to feel that insecurity and it does draw her closer. But this isn't ground-breaking, mostly common sense. If you look much better than you did, earn more money, gain a more advanced degree you become more attractive to your wife and other women... of course you do, everyone already knows that.

  • pkscomix - Good Sketch Art program from the Start

    I ordered this product for myself as a christmas gift to myself. I'm digital comic artist and what I first do with any new art software program is to open a new file and do a bunch of doodles on the page with different paint and drawing tools to get a feel of the tools to see how they flow on the page. I must say this product is meant for the very purpose of creating wonderful doodle and art sketches. Really good smooth flow with using a tablet. I only tried it for a the first day but it seems like it can produce some pretty good final art renderings as well. If you like to draw and are looking for a good tablet using art and drawing software I would recommend this product.

  • average shopper - Small, overpriced, doesn't really whiten

    It's too overpriced for the amount of paste and it doesn't whiten my teeth. I give it three stars because it does clean the teeth and it prevents from build up of tartar.