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Opium Addiction - Opium addiction information, symptoms, treatment and referrals to local help for opiate addiction and withdrawal symptoms.

  • http://www.opium.org/opium-addiction-treatment.html Opium Addiction Treatment - Treatment for opium addiction focuses on the safe elimination of withdrawal followed by counseling to help heal psychological aspects of opiate addiction.
  • http://www.opium.org/finding-the-best-inpatient-methadone-treatment-for-opiate-addiction.html Finding the Best Inpatient Methadone Treatment for Opiate Addiction - If you are searching for an inpatient Methadone treatment for opiate addiction, read here about the various factors that might influence your decision.
  • http://www.opium.org/5-reasons-choose-outpatient-opium-rehab.html 5 Reasons to Choose Outpatient Opium Rehab - Outpatient opium rehab helps you stay close to your support system while working on your recovery.
  • http://www.opium.org/treatment-options-for-withdrawal-from-opioids.html Treatment Options for Withdrawal from Opioids - Withdrawal from opioids can be a painful process. Luckily, there are a variety of treatment options to help on the road to recovery.
  • http://www.opium.org/recovering-opioid-addiction-opioids-affect-brain.html Recovering from Opioid Addiction: How Opioids Affect the Brain - The process of recovering from opioid addiction is a difficult one, and understanding the affect opioids have on the brain will help you understand why.
  • http://www.opium.org/opium-dependence-dangerous.html Why Opium Dependence is Dangerous - Opium dependence is a physical condition where the body craves opium and opiates, and where the user becomes sick when they do not have opium in the system.
  • http://www.opium.org/opioid-addiction-treatment-options-for-teens.html Opioid Addiction Treatment Options for Teens - Intervention therapy, residential, and outpatient care are a few treatment options for teens battling opioid addiction. 
  • http://www.opium.org/ways-that-you-sabotage-your-recovery-from-heroin-addiction.html Ways that you Sabotage your Recovery from Heroin Addiction - You can easily sabotage your recovery by taking part in certain actions, such as stopping your replacement medication or  not taking care of yourself. 
  • http://www.opium.org/5-telltale-opium-addiction-symptoms.html 5 Telltale Opium Addiction Symptoms - Recognizing the opium addiction symptoms in yourself or a loved one is a major red flag that help needs to be found before more damage is done.
  • http://www.opium.org/10-short-term-effects-of-opiates-you-dont-want-to-experience.html 10 Short Term Effects of Opiates - Some short term effects of opiates that you don't want to experience include rising tolerance levels, "nodding out," constipation, drug cravings, and more.
  • http://www.opium.org/convincing-an-opiate-addict-they-need-treatment.html Convincing an Opiate Addict they Need Treatment - Convincing an opiate addict they need treatment may sound like a difficult undertaking, but by following these steps you'll improve your chances of success.
  • http://www.opium.org/what-pills-are-opiates.html What Pills are Opiates? - What pills are opiates? As awareness of opiate addiction grows, it is important to recognize which medications are opiates and which are addictive.
  • http://www.opium.org/addiction-denial-vs-the-need-for-opiate-addiction-treatment.html Addiction Denial vs the Need for Opiate Addiction Treatment - Some warning signs of addiction that may require opiate addiction treatment are a decline in physical health, financial problems, and family conflicts.
  • http://www.opium.org/consequences-opium-abuse.html What are the Consequences of Opium Abuse - The life-changing and sometimes everlasting consequences that come from a person’s opium abuse.
  • http://www.opium.org/long-opium-withdrawal-last.html How Long Does Opium Withdrawal Last? - The most severe physical opium withdrawal symptoms dissipate within a week, while psychological symptoms may last several weeks.
  • http://www.opium.org/opium-long-term-effects-body.html Opium Long Term Effects on the Body - Opium long term effects can cause damage to the body's internal organs and to the brain.

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