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  • S. Gillespie - Calms my wandering mind!

    So far I like it and have seen some slight results, but I think in a couple weeks I will see the results that I am hoping for. I have mild anxiety and have a tendency to like awake at night thinking and causing additional anxiety because of my wandering mind. I have noticed that when I take this 30 min before dinner that it calms me down and relaxes me. Which is great, but I still have to use my anxiety prescription meds occasionally when my anxiety is worse. I would like to eventually get away from the prescription and manage it naturally. I cant wait to see the results I have closer to the end of the 30 days. Overall I think this is doing what it's meant to.

  • G. Jaust - Great product. Our basement office had a lot of ...

    Great product. Our basement office had a lot of spiders. There was a distinct odor when it was first applied but that totally went away in a few hours and so did the spiders!!

  • Anthony Harmetz - I lovr the New Yorker

    I have been a subscriber for many years and there is only one store in my city that carries it, But I prefer the Kindle version as the magazine is so dense it takes awhile to read it cover to cover,and with the Kindle ,I don't have a huge build-up of physical copies in my house.

  • Natalia G. - it's awesome!

    Highly recommended! My hair has never been so soft. It literally feels like silk. Love the smell of it.

  • theopa mata - Zeal for LIfe - not for everyone

    I too had heard great things about the product by a good friend who has lost a lot of weight; so i bought the whole kit and caboodle.. after 2 weeks of commited use i started to feel very lathargic, constipated, grumpy, bloated and gassy. i continued to use it through week 3 and still no change.. of course eveyone i talk to has never heard of this happening and all they can talk about is the energy and weight loss.. but none for me.. guess it isn't for everyone..

  • shoe shopper - Great waffle maker !

    I didn't realize this was a belgain waffle maker the batter i use has no leavening so I wasn't sure a Belgian waffle maker would work but it works great ! It cooks the waffles evenly and the design of the waffle maker makes easy clean up

  • puterboy - Please STOP SPAM responses from manufacturer

    The manufacturer ("kathyrn") is cluttering up the whole review section by responding to the endless series of (deservedly) negative feedback with the completely generic, repeated, and unhelpful response "Thank you for your feedback-we are always working to improve our product-I will be sure to pass this to our development team... blah... blah...blah"