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  • http://www.omniaaudio.eu/en/products OmniaAudio.eu - Products - Audio processors FM, Omnia One, Audio Stream, Voice Processing, Audio IP Networking, Omnia.S4 based cards (Sound4)
  • http://www.omniaaudio.eu/products/omnia-9/category_pathway-12 OmniaAudio.eu - Omnia.9 - Omnia.9 is based on a completely new and different approach. Several versions are available: FM, FM+HD+STREAM, dual FM...
  • http://www.omniaaudio.eu/products/omnia-11/category_pathway-12 OmniaAudio.eu - Omnia.11 - Omnia.11 is strictly for mission critical processing, where a maximum firepower is required in an extremely competitive environment.
  • http://www.omniaaudio.eu/en/news/7-omnia-7-audio-processor OmniaAudio.eu - Omnia.7 audio processor - A very useful slice of features and tools from the wildly successful Omnia.9. Delivers FM plus HD processing standard in a compact 2RU package.
  • http://www.omniaaudio.eu/en/news/8-omnia-voco-8-voice-processor OmniaAudio.eu - Omnia Voco 8 voice processor - Omnia Voco 8 is a highly flexible voice processing platform, built upon the revolutionary Sound4 “HQ192” processing engine
  • http://www.omniaaudio.eu/en/news/11-omnia-9-now-includes-am-at-no-price-increase OmniaAudio.eu - Omnia.9 now includes AM at no price increase - As of September 1, all models of Omnia.9 will be shipped with the capability to process either FM and AM, at NO PRICE INCREASE from the original FM offerings.
  • http://www.omniaaudio.eu/en/products/zipstream-9-x2 OmniaAudio.eu - Z/IPStream 9X/2 - Z/IPStream 9X/2 is a complete software-based management system for streaming audio when you must have the highest possible audio quality.
  • http://www.omniaaudio.eu/en/products/omnia-one-am OmniaAudio.eu - Omnia ONE AM - Omnia ONE AM is a sngle rack space full-featured mono or stereo AM broadcast audio processor.
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  • bas bleu - Just what we were looking for

    This is one sturdy, compact hard working unit. I use it for everything from everyday cooking to keeping a pot of coffee warm in the living room in the evenings so that we don't have to run to the kitchen for the coffee pot. Watch it at first until you get used to how hot it heats at each heat level . And put something under the unit to protect the counter surface from excess heat. The price is wonderful. The unit is attractive and very easy to use. We love it. As another note we use it outside on the weekends to keep water hot for tea, or to keep coffee hot, or for fondue or keeping any sauce or dip hot, I just always have something under it to protect the surface area from too much heat. Wish I would have bought one of these 20 years ago.

  • W. S. Franz - Didn't work after two tries

    Bought one from Costco, didn't work, so called tech. Long wait, but still could not get machine to brew. Took it back and got another one, same problem. Knew going in the problems others had, but thought it surely could not be that bad, but for me it was. Tech walked me through the process and offered to send me another one in 10 business days. No, took it back and as usual Costco was great. Now I will just continue as before, unless I buy an older model, but am rather reluctant to do so.