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Emotional Work - Just about everything a person does, even sleeping, involves some type of emotional work. In fact, emotional work is so central to human life that even the strongest of our drives or the highest of our ideals can be completely derailed by our failure to do emotional work. The capacity to feel pain is essential to doing emotional work, even thought this pain is often the very thing we wish to avoid. What is often considered the triumph of love, that is,

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  • Amazon Customer - Flat ball

    Ball was flat on delivery and will not hold air. Will be returning for another Wilson ball. Hopefully it will be inflated.

  • Todd Killberg - Italy vacation

    This book was an invaluable resource on a trip to northern Italy. It saved me both time and money besides guiding me through the most important places I wanted to go and lead me to some that I did not know existed.

  • Vanessa - I really like this multivitamin for pregnant and lactating women

    I really like this multivitamin for pregnant and lactating women. I just had my baby 3 months ago and I've never took a prenatal and I was pregnant with him. But my doctor said it was okay because I was eating every 3 hours (gestational diabetes) and getting my nutrients. Now that I'm not pregnant anymore and I have two babies under 3, I barely have time to feed myself. So I thought it might be a good idea to start taking a multi-vitamin or a prenatal. I love that these are non gmo and I get everything I need to fuel me to keep going.

  • L. T. - Buyer Beware

    Buyer beware! Unless you know CAD pretty well, and how AutoCAD works, don't look to Autodesk for any help! Although they will be happy to help you for $85-200.00 per incident. I had no idea that once you get your product up and registered, that they really no longer want to talk with you. Even when you go through their e-mail channels, suppport is lacking terribly. I read somewhere about this issue, but choose not to listen carefully.