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  • Sunshine - Watch Out

    Please be careful if you want to order this product!! You automatically get signed into them charging your visa card every month or two months depending on how many pills you order the first time, without you even realizing they are doing this. You cannot order this product when you want; its automatic after your first order. If you want a refund, the refund is only allowed up to 90 days when you first purchased this product. So when you realize OmegaXL is automatically charging your visa every month or two, its too late to cancel. Read the fine print on your invoice. BEWARE--This company wants your MONEY ONLY.I could not get my money back on the third automatic order, but called my visa card and they marked it as a company who cannot charge my visa. If they try to do it, I am not responsible. SCAM

  • Shirley Britt - This doggone SWEET SWEAT!

    OK...I am a write your review virgin..And this is my 1st experience. So bare with me. I am most definitely, the type of person that holds NO PUNCHES..I SPEAK straight up. This doggone SWEET SWEAT!!!...does what it says it does!!...I did ZUMMMBA! ...class the other day...And I HAVE NEVER...SWEATED LIKE THAT IN MY LIFE!!...I LOVE IT!!...so those who have left....somewhat discouraging comments...I say to you...(in my Dr. Spock voice..aka...Capt. Kirk right hand man)...THAT IS ILLOGICAL!!!...#BEAMMEUPSCOTTIE!!

  • Master Po - Great show, minus the political commentary.

    I heard part of this on PBS and bought it. Great show...except for the political commentary from Graham Nash. But hey, they are CSN, many of their songs are/were politically motivated so I guess I shouldn't have been surprised.

  • Vivian - Worked WONDERS on my skin! Can't even see the ...

    Worked WONDERS on my skin! Can't even see the giant pimple I had between my eyebrows after a week and half from using this product. Washed my face with warm water, cooled down with cold water, applied toner, this treatment and then moisturizer. You only need to use a small amount. Dab just a bit on your middle finger and just dot the areas you need the treatment on. Afterwards just rub it into your skin, evenly layering it out.