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Oakwood Historical Society - The Oakwood Historical Society maintains, protects and promotes the stories, artifacts and environment that make Oakwood unique.

  • http://www.oakwoodhistory.org/oak/Self_guided_Tour.html Oakwood Historical Society - Self-guided tour of Oakwood, Ohio, showing local landmarks, schools, parks, and shops.
  • http://www.oakwoodhistory.org/us/homestead.html Oakwood Historical Society - The Oakwood Historical Society's headquarters are in the Long-Romspert Homestead, a family home built in sections between 1863 and 1930. The homestead is open for many events throughout the year and is available for meetings and tours.
  • http://www.oakwoodhistory.org/resources/archives.html Oakwood Historical Society - The Oakwood Historical Society holds an extensive archive, including files about NCR, Wright Brothers, Hawthorn Hill, high school and school board activities, publications, graduation programs, Harman School pictures, publications, directories, Smith School pictures, publications, directories, Lange School pictures, and more.
  • http://www.oakwoodhistory.org/resources/links.html Oakwood Historical Society - The Oakwood Historical Society provides these helpful links to the offices of the City of Oakwood, Oakwood schools, and other local organizations; historical societies; and research resources.
  • http://www.oakwoodhistory.org/get/volunteer.html Oakwood Historical Society - The Oakwood Historical Society needs volunteers with a variety of skills, to promote and organize events, to fundraise, to give lectures, to maintain the property, to teach children history, crafts, cooking and games.
  • http://www.oakwoodhistory.org/get/join.html Oakwood Historical Society - Join the Oakwood Historical Society. Individual, Family and Senior memberships available.
  • http://www.oakwoodhistory.org/get/donate.html Oakwood Historical Society - Join others as we make great strides to preserve Oakwood history and bring historical education and events to our city.

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