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Home - National Rehabilitation Hospital - The National Rehabilitation Hospital (NRH) provides a comprehensive range of specialist rehabilitation services to patients from throughout Ireland who, as a result of an accident, illness or injury have acquired a physical or cognitive disability and who require specialist medical rehabilitation.

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    I like some benefit cosmetics but something about this is all wrong. It settles in to every fine line and doesn't blend at all. I've never been hAppier with then less-than-perfect skin I have!

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  • Theseus - Teaches You, Yes, But Also Helps You Teach Yourself

    Another truly massive book of test prep from Kaplan. As with most of these types of products, there are two questions that present themselves: 1. is it well-edited?, 2. does it help you chart a personalized test preparation path? In both instances, I found the answer is yes. This is a well-assembled book and while I certainly didn't look at every page (over 900 of them!) it appears that the editors have done an excellent job. No weird short-cut explanations, no vaguely-structured questions that appear to have more than one best answer, no formatting or organizational problems. And these sorts of difficulties do show up in some of these mass-produced, constantly-revised test prep books. More importantly, this Kaplan product helps you to figure out how you are doing and what you need to do to do better. Practice tests, online and hardcopy formats, mulitple types of teaching, and literally hundreds of examples, mean that if you pay attention, you can use this book in an intelligent manner and not waste time spinning your cognitive wheels.

  • Jan G. - Does not contain two discs!

    Don't be fooled by the reviews as I was. This is a single disc with the black and white classic only. The reviews say it has two discs containing the black and white and colorized versions. I was very disappointed. I am surprised that Amazon did not pick up on this. I gave 4 stars because this 1951version is my favorite and I enjoyed the digital quality of the DVD. I am disappointed that I don't have the colorized one also.