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  • Dwayne - Great looking addition.

    Took 10 minutes to replace. The stock required a little bit of tongue biting but it came out without too much drama. Going back in was easy. It sits flush and tight. Only had it on for over a week now but if it changes I will update the review.

  • Kwok K. Wan - Lots of fun for the Kids

    The Kids loved it. Kept them busy hours on end.... I remember spending a lot of quarters in Arcades playing a similar game. FUN, that is all I am saying.

  • ElectroThug - Great cooler but fan issues.

    I had a CPU temperature that would always hit over 60C and although it wasnt dangerous it was annoying. I was using the stock CPU fan which is really only whispers air over the cpu.

  • Amazon Customer - Too new to judge

    I am still getting acquainted with the features of the software. It is not exactly what I am most familiar with for DVD/CD projects. I like the features offered; a learning curve still in the works here!

  • Ann M Ranalli - Great product...easy installation

    This is a good product and really saves $$ over the ones you buy from Subaru. I think the only main difference is the part that attaches to the rail. Some folks noted it was loose or cracked where it attached. I have a feeling the ones that cracked were way over tightened. Very easy to install as well. Just make sure that when installing them you realize they are adjustable. They make the rear one smaller so you know which is front and back but you have to adjust it when you put it on the rear.

  • Amazon Customer - Disappointment VS 2010 was much better

    I have been disappointed with VS 2012. One of the biggest disappointment was it can not upgrade projects from previous version very well.

  • MsWils - Duped

    I am never reading 5 star comments again. People are obviously paid to give glowing reviews of things. The Ninja is great if you like to chew through your smoothies. Neither the big pitcher nor the single serve cups blend anything completely. So much for the ridiculously sharp blades. Now I know that's not what it takes for a blender to work, so I'm not going to risk losing a hand with this thing anymore. Other people have commented about how everything sticks to the sides of the big pitcher instead of returning to the bottom. What a mess. Fortunately I purchased this at Sam's Club so I'm really looking forward to getting my money back.