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The Official Non-24-Hour Disorder Resource - Learn about Non-24-Hour Disorder here at the first site completely dedicated to those affected by the circadian rhythm disorder.

  • http://www.non-24.com/about-non-24.php About Non-24 A Circadian Rhythm Disorder - Non-24 is a circadian rhythm disorder that primarily affects the totally blind. Learn more about Non-24 & how it can impact your life.
  • http://www.non-24.com/circadian-rhythms.php Your Master Body Clock & Circadian Rhythms - Learn how shifts in your master body clock affects your natural circadian rhythm.
  • http://www.non-24.com/blindness-and-non-24.php Blindness & Non-24 - Non-24 arises as a result of a lack of light perception in the totally blind. Learn about some of the key Non-24 symptoms here.
  • http://www.non-24.com/overview-video.php The Causes & Effects of Non-24 - Watch this video about Non-24 and learn about your master body clock, circadian rhythms, and how Non-24 can affect your life.
  • http://www.non-24.com/symptoms-of-non-24.php Non-24-Hour Disorder Symptoms - The symptoms of Non-24 are different for everyone. Learn about some of the common symptoms others have experienced with Non-24.
  • http://www.non-24.com/living-with-non-24.php Living with Non-24 - Use these free tools to help better manage your Non-24 & its effects on your life.
  • http://www.non-24.com/talk-to-your-doctor.php Talking to Your Doctor About Non-24 - Ready to talk to your doctor about Non-24? Download theDoctor Discussion Guide to develop a plan to help manage your Non-24 together.
  • http://www.non-24.com/people-living-with-non-24.php Living with Non-24 - Learn how Non-24 has affected other's lives. Listen as those with Non-24 describe its effect on their lives.
  • http://www.non-24.com/talking-about-non-24.php Talking to Others About Non-24 - Although Non-24 is common in the blindness community, others may not be aware. Print a fact sheet and talk about Non-24 with your friends and family.
  • http://www.non-24.com/stay-informed.php Staying Informed - Get Non-24-Hour Disorder-related information and links to support and other resources here.
  • http://www.non-24.com/organizations-and-support.php Organizations and Support - Living with Non-24-Hour Disorder can be challenging. Find contact information for support organizations devoted to the blindness community.
  • http://www.non-24.com/videos.php Videos - Learn about Non-24 and the master body clock and how they affect one's life, physically & emotionally.
  • http://www.non-24.com/faq.php Frequently Asked Questions - Find answers to some of the more frequently asked questions about Non-24 here.

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  • Ricky Khanna - Good attempt - hoping for better

    First thing I did like mentioned in other reviews was to go in and change the name of the players and if you have time u can also change the default players face to make a bit more lookalike.

  • K. Becote-Jones - not what I expected

    The steamer ready light is on from the time you turn on the unit, so you end up over saturating your floor with water instead of steam. Maybe my unit is defective...

  • traveller - It works as advertised

    I travel a bit an like to be self sufficient and prepared. When traveling I carry only a carry-on sized backpack and this is small enough to pack easily and charges the batteries for my flashlight, my GoPro video camera as well as my iPhone and Kindle. In the zippered mesh pouch I can easily stow the Guide 10+ and 8 AA batteries and 4 AAA batteries as well as a Goal Zero USB led light. The size fully loaded as mentioned is just slightly larger than my Kindle in its leather case.

  • Michael W. Meidl - Very disappointing after "Streets and Trips". Very limited poi's ...

    Very disappointing after "Streets and Trips". Very limited poi's, and can't find most of the addresses I put in. I'm still new to using it, so hope there are ways to add poi's. I find it cumbersome, but perhaps it's just getting used to it.