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  • http://www.nebraskabids.com/business-news/ Nebraska Project and Business News - Latest news on planned or ongoing projects and business developments in Nebraska
  • http://www.nebraskabids.com/bid_opportunities/2016/10/27/7358619-professional-services-for-construction-engineering-for-south-omaha-bridge-over-missouri-river-and-decatur-bridge-over-missouri-river.html Bid on Professional Services for Construction Engineering for South Omaha Bridge Over Missouri River and Decatur Bridge Over Missouri River in South Omaha Bridge Over Missouri River and Decatur Bridge Over Missouri River | Nebraska Bid Network - Professional Services for Construction Engineering for South Omaha Bridge Over Missouri River and Decatur Bridge Over Missouri River. Roadway improvements on this project consists of milling and resurfacing the roadway with asphalt, and removing and replacing guardrail. Asphalt surfaced shoulders with curb and flume will be constructed where warranted. Bridge work includes cleaning and painting the existing bridge superstructure and Steel BentsNo. 1 and No. 2 to the limits shown on the plans; removal of paint and rust from all portions ofthe existing bridge as required in the plans; construction of any required containmentfacilities; collection, site storage and disposal of debris generated during the removal of paintand rust from the structure; floor beam repairs; gusset plate edge stiffener angles; deck trusslower chord strengthening at gusset plates; navigation and overhead lighting repairs; eastabutment bearing repairs; pier 3 repairs; bridge rail repairs; miscellaneous repairs.
  • http://www.nebraskabids.com/bid_opportunities/2016/10/27/7358605-portable-walk-thru-metal-detectors--divesting-tables.html Bid on Portable Walk-Thru Metal Detectors & Divesting Tables in Lincoln | Nebraska Bid Network - 22 EA Portable Outdoor Divesting Tables; 31 ea Portable Metal Detector - Standard 28 Wide; 4 EA Portable Metal Detector - ADA Compatible-32 Wide; 31 EA Extended Warranty - Standard Units; 4 EA Extended Warranty - ADA Units.
  • http://www.nebraskabids.com/bid_opportunities/2016/10/27/7358455--douglas-county-health-center-plant-upgrades-phase-ii-.html Bid on Douglas County Health Center Plant Upgrades Phase II in Douglas County Health Center | Nebraska Bid Network - Project consists of upgrades to the central chiller plant at the Douglas County Health Center. Upgrades include installation of new 500-ton water cooled chiller pre-purchased by the Owner. Contractor is responsible for receiving, storing, installing, and startup of new chiller. Other upgrades includes new piping, pumps, and controls. Chilled water must remain available to buildings served by the chiller plant throughout the construction period which requires the use of a rental chiller.
  • http://www.nebraskabids.com/bid_opportunities/2016/10/27/7358332-fairbury-public-school-facility-improvement-plan---phase-i.html Bid on Fairbury Public School Facility Improvement Plan - Phase I in Fairbury | Nebraska Bid Network - Provide construction management at risk services for Phase I of three phases for the construction, remodel, and expansion of its facilities in City.
  • http://www.nebraskabids.com/bid_opportunities/2016/10/27/7358301-street-light-rebuilds-and-replacements.html Bid on Street Light Rebuilds and Replacements in Lincoln, Waverly, Walton, Prairie Home, Cheney and Emerald | Nebraska Bid Network - Miscellaneous street light projects in its service area.Work including Street Light Rebuild, Area Light Replacement, Street Light Pole Replacement, Street Light Relocation.
  • http://www.nebraskabids.com/bid_opportunities/2016/10/27/7358271-waste-collection-.html Bid on Waste Collection in Sarpy County | Nebraska Bid Network - Waste collection - trash 336 EA; waste collection - yard waste 336 EA; waste recycling - recycling 336 EA - January 1, 2018 through December 31, 2018 & for January 1, 2019 through December 31, 2019.
  • http://www.nebraskabids.com/bid_opportunities/2016/10/27/7358209-asr-water-treatment--general-site-construction.html Bid on ASR Water Treatment- General Site Construction in Hastings | Nebraska Bid Network - Work includes approx 278 LF of Class 52 DIP Water main; 106 LF of PVC sanitary sewer main; 165 LF water service line; 3 EA manhole sections; 1 EA gate valve w/ bevel gear box; 4,015 LBS compact fittings; 1 EA foster adaptor; 1 EA PVC x DIP fernco; 1 EA curn stop; 2 EA clean out; 8,000 CY stockpile fill; 64 LF of HDPE storm sewer pipe; 4 EA remove large pine tree; 3,199 LF of chain link fence black vinyl; 2 EA cantilever gate w/operator & control; 3,199 LF weed seal; install no trespassing sign. See attached file.
  • http://www.nebraskabids.com/bid_opportunities/2016/10/27/7358118-tree-removal-services-seward-115kv-substation.html Bid on Tree Removal Services (Seward 115kV Substation) in Columbus | Nebraska Bid Network - Remove trees and brush (woody vegetation). Dispose of waste and debris. Apply herbicides (spraying or painting). Perform cutting and chipping, as required. Mow.
  • http://www.nebraskabids.com/bid_opportunities/2016/10/27/7358104-refurbishment-services-for-transmission-line-2301a-fort-randall-to-meadow-grove.html Bid on Refurbishment Services for Transmission Line 2301A Fort Randall to Meadow Grove in Columbus | Nebraska Bid Network - Refurbishment of 230kV transmission line 2301A. Replacement of existing structure components and other miscellaneous structure modifications.

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