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STUDIO 2 - Главная - STUDIO 2 - первая и единственная студия динамического пилатеса в Москве.

Country:, Europe, RU

City: 37.6068 , Russia

  • M. Askar - Great quality and price

    I can't say how happy I am with this bike. The price dropped around $100 since I first put this in my Cart on Amazon. The bike is a beautiful blue. Very sturdy and rides very smooth. You have to be somewhat savvy with assembling things before you can put this bike together. It requires a fair amount of skill.

  • Amazon Customer - Okay but not great.

    I had high hopes for this. Too high. Hurts my ear after 30 minutes or so. Not as loud as I would like, not as clear as I would like.

  • Marcy - It didn't work for me at all

    I took a chance and ordered due to the amount of positive reviews. But like many other products that claim to get rid of cat urine.. It didn't work for me. I have 5 indoor cats and one has been stressed lately and has urinated on the ceramic tile by the front door. I did try a simple method and with fingers crossed has done a 100% improvement over anything I have purchased. I mixed Baking soda and hydrogen peroxide into a paste. Spread it all over the area and allowed it to almost completely dry.. Then I used my shark steam mop and cleaned with with plain water... As of today its still odor free, and this was over 2 weeks ago.

  • Givonnie Jackson - This product will break off your hair!

    I purchased this product about a two months ago becuase I was transitioning from permed hair to natural hair. I notice that the permed hair from the top right side of my head broke off really bad. I cannot say that this product is not great for natural hair, it just was not a great product for my transitional hair.

  • Deep Freeze - This Junk Lasted 4 Months... Remember When Your Sony Walkman lasted for Years?

    This piece of junk lasted about 4 months and then died completely. At least my three ipod shuffles lasted about a year each, on average.

  • garkam - It doesn't do anything

    Had problems, downloaded free premium and still had popup problems, called and was talked into the premium service $179.00 for a year and would go into my computer and clean it out. let them try 3 times over a week and still have the same popups. The program doesn't block anything. As I watched they used other brands of software to try to clean it to fix the problems. Same problems, popups again!!!!!!!!! firewall couldn't bock smoke doesn't do much. I don't understand how it has such a high rating. they were supposed to clean my registry to make it faster ,all they did was shut down start-up programs didn't even look at the registry. With there FULL package running it should block everything. Plus after they worked on it, it should have been perfect. I wanted a refund and they refused, so I called my credit card company and and explained what happened and they took the charge of my card, they understood completely after 3 time they tried and their software not doing it's job.

  • Heather ray - Great pulse oximeter

    I receive my Innovo INV - 430 J fingertip pluse oximeter on time and damage free via Amazon prime. I love the prime. I ordered this fingertip pluse oximeter because I work in the emergency room and this is a perfect little addition to my collection of work utensils. In an emergency situation this is easier and faster to pull out an use in trying to pull off the taping from the pulse ox to wrap around my patients finger I already have a reading by the time that's already done. This pulse ox came with a lanyard to go around your neck if you'd like and it also came with a silicone casing to put around it. It's super easy to clean after each patient it's the perfect little device to add to your collection. If you're in the medical field I think this is a great item to have in your collection. Highly recommend this product it works amazingly.