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  • Awdsyco - If I can give it 6 stars.

    My 99 Honda Civic has 215K miles with oil diarrhea from crank and rear main seals, thick with black dirt collected over the years under the transmission and engine oil pan. To replace the seals, mechanic wants $500 so what I got to lose with $10 sealer. Drained and replaced 100% full synthetic oil so additives will remove all the gunk, at the same time poured in this 8 ounce bottle to the crank case along with the oil.

  • Corrado - Quick growing seeds!

    It only took less than 2 weeks to sprout and they are growing fast and healthy where other grass just couldn't survive. love it!

  • Bambi T - A MUST BUY

    Totally my favorite mop in the entire world!! I am a person that mops at least twice a week and this is the best mop I have ever had :-) I especially love that this one is the new and improved and extended version.

  • Jessica - It is the best floss I have ever used

    This is a must have floss! It is the best floss I have ever used, no bleeding gums, no cut gums, fits into tight back spaces, the flavor is awesome and not overpowering, cleans the teeth better and removes food particles better!

  • VoraciousReader - Works like magic.

    I had a horribly stubborn infestation, and this was the only thing that got rid of all the fleas. Use it as directed: sprinkle on carpets, then use a broom to swoosh it around and create a mist. You can even do this on hardwood floors. And you can sprinkle it on furniture. For me, I had to apply this 6 times. After each application, I noticed fewer and fewer fleas. Then, suddenly, after the 6th application, they were all gone! This is much more effective than the flea bombs; the bombs only seemed to work temporarily, but this got rid of all the fleas once and for all.

  • Tiffany - I like to make body creams my own diaper creams

    This is the first Shea butter that I have ever purchased. I like to make body creams my own diaper creams, and other things with different types of butters. I love this better because it is slightly softer than some of the other butters I have used. Such as coconut, mango, and some cocoa butters. It smells pretty much like all other 100% natural no additive butters that I have used for homemade products. It doesn't not have a smell it kind of smells add in a way that I can't explain it just like they all do. However, all of these batteries including this one take on the smell Of whatever essential oil or sent that you may be using. It blends very well I actually use a blender to whip this butter it turned out amazing. I love the texture, and the smell of the natural butter completely go away when I add everything that I add to it. Overall a great product I also love that it comes in a container with a twist top lid.