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  • White Wolf - Absolutely Love It

    I love the whole album and that all the music I buy through Amazon I can download to any phone or computer of my choosing!!

  • Judy - Awesome so far

    Recently moved into a new apt and started itching in the morning and waking up with bumps. Haven't seen any bugs but wanted to spray just in case. Since we've sprayed haven't had any issues. I'd recommend.

  • New lines for music. - New lines for music.

    I can't believe they wrote it in 92! This CD is a masterpiece. Every song is appealing and Unfinished sympathy is one of the best songs of the 90's. That's a shame they went so soft with Protection and so hard with Mezzanine after this!

  • Betty - It Helps

    When you watch the video, it says that your butt should be lifted each time the machine goes up. The first several times I just rested my legs on it and mine did not lift. Neither did my husbands or daughter, when they tried it. Tried different height levels, and then one day as I was trying different techniques, finally my butt started to be lifted and when I was doing it correctly, it did a great job. But you do need to keep focused on keeping the legs firmly on the leg rest in order for your butt to rise otherwise, it will stay on the ground and not do such a good job. Also, in the instruction booklet it says that your butt does not have to leave the ground, but the video says it does. Oh well, I stuck to it and it does help my back. One thing, my legs start to go to sleep and tingle if I go beyond the first 10 min. Wish that didn't happen. Hope this helps. :)

  • JESSICA H - So far nothing....

    When I spoke to the Carnival Rep he told me that it would greatly help with the water retention which was a major issue for me. He told me to watch what I ate the first month, but I would lose a lot of water weight and then go down from there. I am fairly active, not exercising regularly but chasing after kids, walking where I need to go and things like that. I told him this and he said that was fine, but in month 2 I would need to get regular. Sur no problem. What did I get the first month? Nothing. No change whatsoever. Going into month two now so let's see wha tthe Silhouette has in store with regular exercise. I told him that I didn't have the money to waste and needed confirmation that this would work. And he said if I had ANY issues to email him. Guess what? three emails with basic questions and not one answer. I would not recommend this product to anyone until they researched it more. Yes the people who love this program and works for them. Why? Because they are exercising, eating healthy. Which is what I know I need to do and will be doing. I didn't expect it to be a MAGIC pill, but for the water weight I thought it would reduce it at least by a pound or two, but not an inch has happened in the month.

  • alycat71 - ... one but now that I own one I really like it. You can also grind other things in ...

    I have never owned a meat grinder before because I never really thought I needed one but now that I own one I really like it. You can also grind other things in addition to meats like fruit, vegetables, etc. I love the way this grinds my meat and vegs. This reminds me of something normally seen in butchers. It is pretty easy to use I actually thought it was going to be a lot harder than it actually is. It comes equipped with two stainless steel plates which each doing different things. It has a suction cup base. It is also dishwasher safe. This grinder is very portable so you can take it to parties, friends houses, etc. Super easy to use and operate and even super lightweight.