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Modesto, Turlock and Stockton LASIK, iLASIK, LASER Cataract Surgery - At Modesto Eye Center, Dr. Ash and Dr. Steinberg provide the best in LASIK, Cataract, Cornea Surgery and Optometry. 1741 Coffee Road, Modesto, CA 95355 - Tel (209) 524-2020

  • http://www.modestoeyecenter.com/doctors/ Modesto, Turlock, & Stockton Cataract & LASIK Surgeon - Dr. Amin Ashrafzadeh - Amin Ashrafzadeh, MD is a board certified ophthalmologist and a LASIK and Cataract expert serving Modesto, Turlock, Stockton and Merced.
  • http://www.modestoeyecenter.com/lasik/ LASIK Surgery in Modesto by Dr. Ash at 1741 Coffee Road (209) 524-2020 - iLASIK is the most advanced form of LASIK surgery, the only one method approved from NASA Astronauts. Dr. Ash performs iLASIK in Modesto.
  • http://www.modestoeyecenter.com/cataract/ Modesto, Turlock, and Stockton Cataract and LASIK Surgeon - Dr. Amin Ashrafzadeh - Amin Ashrafzadeh MD is a board certified Ophthalmologist who treats cataract patients from Stockton, Turlock, Merced and Modesto.
  • http://www.modestoeyecenter.com/corneal-transplants/ IntraLase Enabled Keratoplasty Modesto, Stockton, Merced, California IEK - Dr. Ash - Dr. Amin Ashrafzadeh MD is a LASIK specialist who offers blade free LASIK, Intralase, for his patients in Stockton, Merced and Modesto.
  • http://www.modestoeyecenter.com/testimonials/ Testimonials for Dr. Ash and the Northern California Laser Center - Dr. Ash is grateful to all the kind words his patients have to say. Read what patients have said about LASIK, Cataract Surgery, and many more.
  • http://www.modestoeyecenter.com/contact/ Modesto Eye Center - Contact Information - Modesto Eye Center is at 1741 Coffee Road, Modesto, CA 95355 - Tel (209) 524-2020
  • http://www.modestoeyecenter.com/financing/ Northern California Laser Center - financing LASIK and iLASIK for Merced, Turlock, Modesto, Stockton - Easy financing options for LASIK surgery for patients around Modesto and Stockton
  • http://www.modestoeyecenter.com/latisse/ Northern California Laser Center - Latisse and other cosmetics - Latisse causes growth of eye lashes. We also do Botox, blepharoplasty, and facial fillers.
  • http://www.modestoeyecenter.com/orthokeratology/ Modesto Eye Center's Dr. West Provides Orthokeratology as an alternative to LASIK - Orthokeratology is a method to reshape the cornea as an alternative to LASIK surgery
  • http://www.modestoeyecenter.com/blepharoplasty/ Blepharoplasty at Modesto Eye Center - Dr. Ash offers Bleph surgery. - Blepharoplasty is an eyelid surgery to remove the excess upper eye lid skin. Dr. Ash offers Blepharoplasty in Modesto. See before and after photos.
  • http://www.modestoeyecenter.com/take-a-lasik-self-assessment/ Northern California Laser Center - Take a LASIK Quiz - Dr. Amin Ashrafzadeh MD is a board certified Ophthalmologist in Modesto, CA. He performs LASIK eye surgery in Modesto, California. We serve many patients from Stockton, Modesto, Turlock, Merced, Newman, Gustine, Patterson, Hilmar, Livingston, Waterford, Atwater, Los Banos, Manteca, Tracy, Escalon, Ripon, Oakdale, Riverbank and many more.
  • http://www.modestoeyecenter.com/portal/ Modesto Eye Center's Patient Portal - Enter the patient portal for Modesto Eye Center and Northern California Laser Center here:

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