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Millennium Health: Personalized Medicine & Health Solutions - Millennium Health provides personalized medicine counsel and targeted health solutions to our customers. More than just a drug test laboratory, we are a total solution provider.

  • http://www.millenniumhealth.com/services/ Drug Testing Services: Monitoring & Pharmacogenetic Testing - Our customized drug testing services including prescription medication monitoring and pharmacogenetic testing provide accurate results with unsurpassed service and support.
  • http://www.millenniumhealth.com/services/pgt-testing/ Pharmacogenetic Testing - Millennium Drug Testing Services - Millennium Pharmacogenetic Testing (PGT) analyzes variants for 11 genes related to medication response to help clinicians improve personalized medicine prescription decisions.
  • http://www.millenniumhealth.com/services/pgt-testing/pain-management/ Pharmacogenetic Drug Testing for Pain Management Patients - Pharmacogenetic drug testing for pain management patients helps clinicians determine the right drug and right dose for each patient. Learn more about our drug testing services.
  • http://www.millenniumhealth.com/services/pgt-testing/behavioral-health/ Pharmacogenetic Testing in Mental Health - Millennium Health - Pharmacogenetic testing in mental health minimizes trial and error during medication therapy by providing health care intelligence. Learn more about our drug testing services.
  • http://www.millenniumhealth.com/services/urine-drug-testing/ Urine Analysis Drug Testing Services - Millennium Health - Millennium UDT utilizes proprietary drug urine testing methodologies to support improved clinical decision-making that helps clinicians better treat their patients.
  • http://www.millenniumhealth.com/services/urine-drug-testing/pain-management/ Pain Management Urine Test - Millennium Drug Test Laboratory - Our pain management urine test paired with clinical expertise provides critical information about medication and substance use to help clinicians treat patients with the best care.
  • http://www.millenniumhealth.com/services/urine-drug-testing/obstetrics-and-gynecology/ Urine Drug Test Detection in Obstetrics & Gynecology - Prescription medication monitoring with urine drug test detection in Obstetrics / Gynecology (OB/GYN) safeguards the health of mother and child. View all drug testing services.
  • http://www.millenniumhealth.com/services/urine-drug-testing/behavioral-health/ Mental Health Medication Adherence - Drug Urine Testing - Mental Health Medication Adherence with Drug Urine Testing: Helping clinicians establish effective prescription medication monitoring. Learn more about drug testing services.
  • http://www.millenniumhealth.com/services/urine-drug-testing/addiction-treatment/ Medication Monitoring Addiction Treatment: Millennium Health - Millennium Urine Analysis Drug Testing (UDT) supports addiction treatment. Accurate, quantitative urinalysis drug screen results delivered quickly for recovery support.
  • http://www.millenniumhealth.com/services/urine-drug-testing/general-practice/ Drug Urine Testing in Primary Care - Millennium Health - Prescription medication monitoring with drug urine testing in primary care: Accurate urine analysis drug testing using LC-MS/MS technology delivers drug-specific results.
  • http://www.millenniumhealth.com/services/urine-drug-testing/workers-comp/ Workers Compensation Drug Testing - Urinalysis Drug Screen - Workers compensation drug testing provides important objective information to clinicians prescribing opioids and other controlled substances for the treatment of injured workers.
  • http://www.millenniumhealth.com/services/millennium-oft/ Millennium Oral Fluid Drug Testing - Drug Testing Services - Providing a urine specimen is challenging in some settings. Millennium oral fluid drug testing (OFT) offers identification and quantification of medications and illicit substances.
  • http://www.millenniumhealth.com/services/test-offerings/ Drug Tests: Offerings - Millennium Health Drug Test Lab - Our drug test offerings include pharmacogenetic testing, urine analysis drug testing and oral drug screens. Learn more about our drug testing services.
  • http://www.millenniumhealth.com/services/choose-millennium/ Services - Prescription Medication Monitoring & Drug Tests - Millennium Health has advanced the science of prescription medication monitoring with cutting edge technology and drug testing detection services. To learn more, contact us.
  • http://www.millenniumhealth.com/resources/ Resources for Patients & Providers - Personalized Medicine - We are dedicated to our customers, their patients and those who want to learn more about personalized medicine and pharmacogenetic testing. Learn more by accessing the links below:
  • http://www.millenniumhealth.com/about-us/ About Us: Health Care Intelligence & Drug Testing - Millennium Health, based in San Diego, is a leading health solutions company that offers urine analysis drug testing, oral drug screens, and pharmacogenetic tests. Learn more.
  • http://www.millenniumhealth.com/about-us/corporate-citizenship/ Corporate Citizenship - Millennium Health: Drug Test Labs - Millennium Health is committed to investing our contributions wisely to strengthen the communities in which our employees live and work. Learn more about our drug test labs.
  • http://www.millenniumhealth.com/about-us/corporate-compliance/responsibility-pledge/ Responsibility Pledge for Drug Detection Laboratories - Our Responsibility Pledge is our latest initiative to highlight ethics and strict compliance among drug detection laboratories in the pain management industry.
  • http://www.millenniumhealth.com/about-us/bio/ Bios - Millennium Health: Intelligent Medical Solutions - Millennium Health provides intelligent medical solutions to the healthcare industry. Learn more about our executive team by reading their bios below.
  • http://www.millenniumhealth.com/about-us/our-laboratory/ Our Drug Test Laboratory - Millennium Health - Millennium's drug test laboratory has developed proprietary methodologies that provide reliable urine analysis drug testing and oral drug screen results. Contact us today.

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  • Ripped - Rip off

    I purchased this game in March and used it for the first time in July and it turned out to be a blank CD.

  • unknown - Worked for me

    I took a urinalysis for a job that I really wanted, but the clinic that I did the lab work at lost my information in the system. So I got a last minute call from the company (on a thursday) telling me that I had 2 days to complete a hair sample. I was floored but I did some research and found this product. I used it that Saturday and went into a facility to complete a hair sample. Needless to say, I got a call from the company informing me of my start date. I can't help but accredit some if not most of this to the shampoo. But I also have to disclose the fact that I am not a heavy smoker. I had smoked one joint a month prior to testing after MONTHS of a dry spell. I was more concerned with the opiates that may have been present in the hair sample. But again I start the job I've wanted next month. I'd say this product is worth a shot at least *shrugs

  • Melissa Blevins - Not impressed

    We bought this for my son for his 3rd birthday. He has the LeapPad 1 and LOVES it. He also is constantly wanting to play on our iPads, so we figured we'd get him his own tablet (a little more advanced). This thing is slow to load...super slow. He was impatient and didn't like the fact that he had to sit and watch a screen "think" for awhile. After we'd had it charging all day the day we got it, we tried to turn on, and it was not operational. It wouldn't even go to the home screen. We returned and bought him a Nintendo 3DS instead. Much better value. Sorry, LeapFrog. I've normally loved your stuff, but this...I'm not a fan of.

  • S. Bromberg - Excellent product, just be careful if you have dry skin

    I've found this product effective for treating acne on my face. There is not much salicylic acid in this product but I did find that if I don't balance it out with a moisturizer each night, my skin will get overly dry within a few days. I have been using Tea Tree oil each night before going to bed,