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Memorial Healthcare System - Physician Jobs, Opportunities for Doctors - Competitive salaries, exceptional benefits and great opportunities for professional advancement are just a few of the reasons MHS in Florida is a great place to work.

  • http://www.memorialphysician.com/why-us/giving-participating.aspx Memorial Healthcare System in the Community - Learn more about the MHS Memorial Foundation, Joe DiMaggio Children's Hospital and the Memorial Angel Program.
  • http://www.memorialphysician.com/why-us/services.aspx Services at Memorial Healthcare System - MHS in South Florida - See details about the extensive list of services offered through Memorial Healthcare System in South Florida.
  • http://www.memorialphysician.com/opportunities/default.aspx Physician Jobs, Opportunities for Doctors | MHS South Florida - Explore job opportunities throughout Memorial Healthcare Systems in South Florida for all physicians. Learn more about becoming part of the MHS family.
  • http://www.memorialphysician.com/why-us/default.aspx Why Memorial Healthcare Systems in Florida is a Great Place to Work - Learn more about what makes MHS one of the best places to work in healthcare anywhere in the world.
  • http://www.memorialphysician.com/why-florida/default.aspx Living in South Florida - Learn What Makes South Florida Great - Learn more about living in South Florida and enjoying the great weather is just part of why working for the Memorial Healthcare System is a great choice.
  • http://www.memorialphysician.com/why-us/awards-accolades.aspx Memorial Healthcare System (MHS) - Awards and Accolades - Review the extensive list of award and accolades received by Memorial Healthcare System.
  • http://www.memorialphysician.com/why-us/about-us.aspx#nurses About Memorial Healthcare System - MHS in South Florida - Learn more about Memorial Healthcare System in South Florida. Understand why the nation's best doctors choose MHS.
  • http://www.memorialphysician.com/opportunities/employed.aspx Jobs for Physicians in South Florida with Memorial Healthcare Systems - Explore current MHS employed physician opportunities and learn why MHS consistently attracts and keeps the nation's top doctors.
  • http://www.memorialphysician.com/opportunities/community.aspx Physician Job Opportunities with Memorial Healthcare Systems in Florida - View current MHS community physician opportunities. We are looking for talented doctors to join the MHS extended family of healthcare professionals.
  • http://www.memorialphysician.com/why-us/testimonials.aspx Working for Memorial Healthcare System - Testimonials from our Doctors - Watch testimonials from our physicians about what it is like to work at Memorial Healthcare System in South Florida.
  • http://www.memorialphysician.com/why-us/benefits.aspx Memorial Healthcare System - An industry leading benefits package is just another reason why Memorial Healthcare System attracts the best doctors in the world.
  • http://www.memorialphysician.com/why-us/we-use-EHR.aspx Working at MHS Means Using Electronic Health Records (EHR) - Electronic Health Records (EHS) improves efficiency, reduces paperworks, improves safety and reduces errors. We are proud to use EHR at MHS
  • http://www.memorialphysician.com/why-us/our-history.aspx History of Memorial Healthcare System Serving South Florida Since 1953 - Learn more about how MHS has grown to become the 5th largest public healthcare system in the country consistently out performing the industry.
  • http://www.memorialphysician.com/why-us/locations.aspx Memorial Healthcare System (MHS) Network Locations - Learn more about the facilities that make up the Memorial Healthcare System in South Florida since 1953.

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  • Finally "home" - no more Benadryl for the Newfie/Aussie mix

    Buddy was an indoor dog until last summer when my sister fell ill and could no longer care for him. He came to live with our tribe who are indoor/outdoor come-as-you-please with a dog door (in Florida). He came with a dermatitis most likely from stress from her illness (cancer) combined with lack of coat care due to the same. He had bald patches from chewing himself silly and a few granulomas on his arms. My shepherd mixes are shampooed/conditioned with Zymox which I swear by - very natural and keeps their skin itch free (combined with kong curry brush and a little furmination here and there in the woolly-itchy spots). Zymox and a hypoallergenic diet, along with a summer coat trim (left 1 inch length of hair) healed his skin right up. This past spring, with the return of hotter/moister weather, he had a real slow blow of his coat (which never really blows fully - he's supposed to be water repellant) and he developed a greasy seborrheic problem and was on the verge of a hot-spot blowout (my sister's illness was running it's course and I was spending less grooming time than needed). I tried this and the Resi-cort leave-in lotion and with only two shampoos/treatments over two weeks (still more time with my sister at that point), his skin was clear of the seborrh. lesions and he's happy. I bought the ResiKetoChlor conditioner as well which I will use after one more treatment of the resi-cort as I prefer not to continually use the hydrocortisone. The scent is nice, it lathes well and it cleared up the greasy booboos on the first go around. However, using this shampoo is not a license to stop brushing/grooming your dog, it will not work by itself. Nothing keeps the coat healthier than brushing and not brushing/just shampooing/conditioning a dog with anything longer than short hair will lead to skin problems eventually -especially the indoor/outdoor guys. For his hair, I use a rake, pin brush and curry Kong - he's too thick/wavy for furmination and doesn't need furmination if he is raked weekly. One last thing, nothing helps you bond with your dog than gentle, thorough grooming - sends them to heaven when their beloved takes the time to thoroughly brush them down (not a two minute deal).

  • Keith Palmer - Just want I needed

    Simple to use, simple to read and gave me all i needed to do the tasks at hand. There are a few items that I haven't been able to piece but I believe what I am trying to do is complicated. I was looking for the easy solution and just need to put together the different chapters of the book. Has saved me a lot of time.

  • Kate Farlow - 57 Stars, y'all!

    I adored this book, y'all. I really connected with Ryen and loved all of her flaws and quirks- she definitely made an interesting and unique heroine.