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  • A. M. Edwards - Seven year old loves it

    My seven year old really enjoys this game. He has many other Lego games for his DS and this one is ranked up high. Fun adventures and good graphics. Cute, age appropriate game.

  • abby - ... on my foot that keep coming back & are painful too. I've tried remover creams & patches but ...

    I have a couple calluses on my foot that keep coming back & are painful too. I've tried remover creams & patches but they relieve the problem temporarily. The Toilet Tree callus remover really solves the problem well. I work a lot barefoot,practicing martial arts & sometimes the corns/calluses make it painful to exercise/pivot on my feet. I used the callus remover to buff away & soften a particularly painful & difficult to treat callus in between the toes and within 2 days the callus was gone! The package contains 1 callus remover with head, 1 replacement head, 2 AA batteries, and 1 cleaning brush. It's well designed, easy to grip & work with,also easy to clean since its waterproof! .

  • Jennifer Ely - A great concept, with poor execution

    The idea of a person being turned into a Mage by the tattoos they get was super cool. And the main character had fire in her from the beginning. But everything felt disjointed. Not just because it was a serial, but because the author was everywhere, in the minds of four to five characters. There was little to no development of any of them because of that. And (SPOILER) the two biggest baddies of the whole thing are so cool, they've got such potential...and then they're gone. Completely inconsequential. The ending was completely underwhelming. Sorry, just not a great actualization of a pretty sweet concept.

  • Erica C - Great lifestyle change!

    A great system that requires discipline. Great health benefits and which makes you feel good all around. Low carb, not as strict as Atkins. Need a lot of water and protein intake. Shakes are good with almond milk (chocolate is the best). Passion is your energy drink (berry is the best). Low acid diet.

  • Kakarotto - 28 PCI-E lanes

    Yes, as stated in another review, this chip has 28 PCI-E lanes. If you need 40 lanes then go with the i7-6850k. Amazon needs to update the info.

  • Runamoc - Rated #1

    Wife would complain about the sound quality of my old $14 Bluetooth. Got this Plantronics model because more than a couple websites rated this model as the best. Guess you get what you pay for. Wife has moved on to other things to complain about.