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  • Retail Therapy Patient - Amazed at how this works bu the color is not what it seems

    I'm amazed with how well this system works. I've never tried any other gel manicure set so I'm not comparing it to anything but plain nail polish. I'm a nail polish enthusiast. I enjoy siting down and doing my nails but I find it hard to keep up on them during a busy week or weeks. This is freaking awesome! It is super shiny, and it's truly dry when your done curing it. It feels a little gummy but that's normal, it's not wet (which was what I thought at first) it's some byproduct of the gel curing. The "cleaner" they send in the kit is rubbing alcohol. I ran out of it so I'm using one inch medical alcohol swabs and they are perfect. I wore the manicure for 7 days with no chips or problems and changed it simply because I felt like having a new color. The only reason this didn't get 5 stars is because the polish color is no where near the package's description. It is a very subtle pale pinkish/nude color, it is opaque and I like it but I ordered this particular kit because I wanted brighter pink nails for vacation. I used 3 thick coats of polish and it came to a pale pink and dried fine even with the extra coats of polish. The gel makes my nails stronger, they aren't easy to break or tear anymore. Removing it is a pain but it only follows, the longer it lasts the more difficult to remove. Anyway I'm extremely happy I bought this, I have weekend plans to do my nails with my sisters so they can try it out. Also it's around 10 bucks more expensive at the drug store near my house so it's a bargain.

  • Jason Ou - Mediocre book but great online resources

    I took the GRE this past month (Sept. 18 2013) for the first time and scores above the 90th percentile in both quantitative and verbal with a 4.5 in the writing. I used multiple books from ETS and Manhattan. Kaplan gave a good overall approach with strategies. I would recommend this book for people just starting to study for the GRE from scratch to familiarize yourself with the format. However, I rarely used this book in my studying and did not even take out the CD. The book bought new provides you with online practice exams and practice sets, which I used the most often.

  • G. Dantone - Do not assume TaxAct figures out the correct number of dependents even though it asks the questions to make that determination!

    I have used TaxAct for a number of years and it has worked well up until now (2014 tax year). I have been using it since my old tax accounting company made an egregious error on my taxes that would have cost me thousands unless I was able to catch the error, which I did. They still charged me hundreds of dollars. So I switched to TaxAct at least 6 years ago.

  • Heather belle - Always a wonderful read

    I look forward to this series every year. These 'stories' are the most poignant of all the volumes I have read to date.

  • Jeffery Keller - Interesting and educational

    I was pleasantly surprised by this book. I had to read it for an operations management class for school, so to be honest, I wasn't expecting much, but the book was written well, and it kept me engaged. The book uses a struggling manufacturing plant as an example to teach operations and manufacturing principles. The story kept me interested and the made the important points more impactful and memorable. I don't work in manufacturing, but it is easy to see how the principles in this book relate to almost any process in the real world. I think anyone can learn important lessons by reading this book.