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Online Career Certification and Training with Medcerts - MyCAA approved comprehensive online healthcare and IT career training for military spouses. You are there as they advance, we are here as you advance.

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  • Amazon Customer - Loving the newest version!

    I just upgraded to Publisher '13 after working with '07 for the past few years. I love how easy it is to snap items into place. There are new/updated features that are so much better than the old version. For example, the shadow feature is much better looking and doesn't have sharp lines behind your object. Much softer like it would be in Photoshop. My only complaint (and it's a small one) is the amount of clip art available within the program seems much less than the older version.

  • Alexander Szostek - and felt like I was overheating

    Definitely start out slow using this product. Wait at least a week before taking before 2 servings in the morning. I took 2 serving in the morning before I should have, and felt like I was overheating; nothing too serious, but a little uncomfortable. I guess my only complaint is that I think I built up a tolerance too quickly; but I tend to consume a lot caffeine anyways.

  • J. Nicholson - Excellent basic camera for intense activities.

    I bought this camera because it had the unique ability to be able to record video and take pictures in multiple environments out-of-the-box. However, there are a few caveats one should be aware of. Tachyon themselves acknowledge that this model is NOT ideal for recording audio, as the camera is built into a watertight casing, muffling the mic. The video software is spartan, but I couldn't care less about editing. Long story short, I use this camera for recording video on a modified racing motorcycle (engine and road noise fill the vacuum), and for scuba diving (can't *hear* fish). You can even mount it to a weapon, another plus. Video quality, ability to survive 30+ meters underwater without a case, small size, and price were priorities. I'm a combat veteran, and wanted something straightforward that will do the job reliably without the sparkly frilly tassles of other models, is not too expensive to be expendable (in a motorcycle crash or SCUBA oopsie), and this camera fits the bill. I gave it four stars because of its limitations. Simple on-off button, 2 AAA batteries, and for $80, that's a go. Comes with lens covers, batteries, cables, and mount adapters.

  • Michael Doubet - Avast! Internet Security 2014

    I didn't buy Avast! through Amazon, so I really don't know why they expect a review. But I have been using the paid version for several years. I used the free version for maybe 5+ years before that, and it seemed to do such a good job that I decided I should upgrade to the paid version at least 3 years ago. I have been happy with them and their support center for a long time.

  • Debbie Black - This product did not work for me.

    This product did not work for me at all. I stopped using it after about five days because I thought it was making my hair fall out.

  • Bluffton Beauty - Horrible. Horrible.

    Years ago, I selected Microsoft Money over Quicken because I found the Quicken interface very unfriendly. With Money now "gone," I have been forced to switch to Quicken. It's my worst nightmare. Tasks that used to take half an hour take three times as long because the interface is so unfriendly and confusing. The screen is like something out of a kindergarten finger painting project, except not as lovely.

  • Greg Logan - Check out the other reviews made the positive reveiwers....

    You will note that the positive reviewers tend to only have one product - ZetaClear - as a part of their review portfolio.