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Pharmaceutical Distributor | Wholesale | Healthcare - Mawdsleys - Mawdsleys are a global pharmaceutical service provider offering a wide range of services to the pharmaceutical industry and healthcare sector.

  • http://www.mawdsleys.co.uk/About About Mawdsleys | Pharmaceutical Distribution | - Mawdsleys - Mawdsleys is the largest independent pharmaceutical wholesaler in the UK with a fast growing international network supplying medicines to meet patient needs and providing a route to market for manufacturers.
  • http://www.mawdsleys.co.uk/Named-Patient-Medicines named patient medicine sourcing | multilingual customer service - Mawdsleys - A competitive and efficient specialty medicines service is available with the ability to source medicines across a wide range of therapeutic areas
  • http://www.mawdsleys.co.uk/Third-Party-Logistics Pharmaceutical Distribution | Third Party Logistics - Mawdsleys - Mawdsleys have a dedicated third party logistics division, called MPW, which gives pharmaceutical companies a natural extension to their own business and unrivalled service levels
  • http://www.mawdsleys.co.uk/Third-Party-Logistics/Storage storage-pharmaceutical-drugs - Mawdsleys - Mawdsleys MPW offer competitive rates for all pharmaceutical storage requirements. We are fully regulated.
  • http://www.mawdsleys.co.uk/Third-Party-Logistics/Logistics-and-Fulfilment Logistics and Fulfilment | Pharmaceutical Distribution | Third Party Logistics | - Mawdsleys - Mawdsleys MPW have the logistics infrastructure in place to ensure the highest level of service is consistently provided to our customers, whatever your requirements.
  • http://www.mawdsleys.co.uk/Third-Party-Logistics/Accounts-and-Finance accounts and finance - Mawdsleys - Mawdsleys MPW can manage your order-taking, invoicing and credit control, ensuring that your customers receive a first rate service
  • http://www.mawdsleys.co.uk/Third-Party-Logistics/Quality Quality | Pharmaceutical Distribution | Third Party Logistics | MHRA Compliant - Mawdsleys - We are fully compliant with the latest MHRA and Home Office standards.our logistics infrastructure is fully audited. Our warehouses are fully compliant and temperature mapped.
  • http://www.mawdsleys.co.uk/Third-Party-Logistics/Information-Reporting Information Reporting | Real Time Stock Control | Third Party Logistics | Pharmaceutical Distribution - Mawdsleys - Mawdsleys MPW deliver real-time management data that is easy to access via our web-based portal.
  • http://www.mawdsleys.co.uk/Third-Party-Logistics/Value-Added-Services Value Added Services | Pharmaceutical Distribution | Third Party Logistics - Mawdsleys - Mawdsleys MPW offer much more than just third party logistics; we also provide additional services to support our customers, such as regulatory services, re-packing & kitting
  • http://www.mawdsleys.co.uk/Third-Party-Logistics/Specialist-Storage Specialist Storage | Ambiant | Cold | Controlled Drugs | Pharmaceutical Distribution - Mawdsleys - Mawdsleys MPW are fully licensed to handle, store and transport a wide range of pharmaceuticals, and have extensive specialist storage facilities at our network of depots.
  • http://www.mawdsleys.co.uk/Services-to-Pharmaceutical-Companies Services to Pharmaceutical Companies - Mawdsleys - Mawdsleys work with pharmaceutical companies to meet patient needs worldwide by supporting them with bespoke service packages to help get products to market as efficiently as possible.
  • http://www.mawdsleys.co.uk/Services-to-Pharmaceutical-Companies/Regulatory-Services Pharmaceutical Regulatory Services | - Mawdsleys - We can help with every stage of your product’s life, from supporting license applications to managing day to day regulatory issues, to whatever level you need
  • http://www.mawdsleys.co.uk/Services-to-Pharmaceutical-Companies/Regulatory-Services/Market-Access-Solutions Market Access Solutions - Mawdsleys - Mawdsleys can design and manage a “Market Access” or “Controlled Access Programme” to create market access for a drug before it has been launched in a territory.
  • http://www.mawdsleys.co.uk/Services-to-Pharmaceutical-Companies/Regulatory-Services/Pharmacovigilance Pharmacovigilance | Adverse Event Reporting | Pharmacuetical Services - Mawdsleys - Our Pharmacovigilance Service offers you an accurate and competitive Adverse Event Reporting (ADR) system
  • http://www.mawdsleys.co.uk/Services-to-Pharmaceutical-Companies/Regulatory-Services/Information-Testing Patient Information Testing and Design | Pharmaceutical Services | - Mawdsleys - Mawdsley's subsidiary company Luto Research specialises in improving patient and healthcare professional communications.
  • http://www.mawdsleys.co.uk/Services-to-Pharmaceutical-Companies/Controlled-Access-Programmes Controlled Access Programmes | Pharmaceutical Services | - Mawdsleys - Mawdsleys can design and manage a “Controlled Access Programme” to create market access for a drug before it has been launched in a territory.
  • http://www.mawdsleys.co.uk/Services-to-Pharmaceutical-Companies/Clinical-Trial-Supply Clinical Trial Supply | Pharmaceutical Services | - Mawdsleys - Mawdsleys can provide a complete support service to pharmaceutical companies, hospitals and CROs which helps satisfy patient need and deliver clinical trials on budget.
  • http://www.mawdsleys.co.uk/Services-to-Pharmaceutical-Companies/Clinical-Trial-Supply/QP-Release-1 QP Release | Clinical Trials Services | Pharmaceutical Services | - Mawdsleys - Qualified Person Release (QP Release) is available as part of Mawdsleys’ Regulatory Affairs Services, which complements the company’s wider offering to the pharmaceutical industry and healthcare sector.
  • http://www.mawdsleys.co.uk/Services-to-Pharmaceutical-Companies/Clinical-Trial-Supply/Comparator-Sourcing Comparator Drug Sourcing | Clinical Trial Services | - Mawdsleys - Whether you are a pharmaceutical company, CRO, university or hospital, we can help source the drug comparators you need for your clinical trials.
  • http://www.mawdsleys.co.uk/Services-to-Pharmaceutical-Companies/Contact-Repackaging Contract Repackaging | Pharmaceutical Services | - Mawdsleys - Your repacking, kitting, pack size change, label change or PIL change requirements can be efficiently met with Mawdsleys’ dedicated Repackaging service.
  • http://www.mawdsleys.co.uk/Services-to-Pharmaceutical-Companies/Drug-Shortage-Management Drug Shortage Management | Pharmaceutical Services | - Mawdsleys - Through our global supply network, we can source the drugs patients need, even if they are not available in specific regions.
  • http://www.mawdsleys.co.uk/Primary-Care-Services UK Services to Primary Care | Direct to Pharmacy Supplier | - Mawdsleys - We offer over 15,000 lines comprising of a competitive generics offering, a large range of Parallel Imports (PI’s) and a clear and competitive OTC offering.
  • http://www.mawdsleys.co.uk/Primary-Care-Services/Community-Pharmacy UK Community Pharmacy | UK Primary Care Services | - Mawdsleys - Mawdsleys provide a range of innovative solutions for independent community Pharmacies and impose no fuel surcharges
  • http://www.mawdsleys.co.uk/Primary-Care-Services/Community-Pharmacy/Open-an-Account Open an Account | UK Primary Care Services | - Mawdsleys - Opening an account with Mawdsleys is easy and in many cases can be organised in less than 48 hours.

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  • Ms. Cat - Fills in the thin spots nicely!

    This product is great. I heard about it from a hairdresser and so far, I really like it. I'm not exactly sure how it works but the powder fills in the thin spots and even covers some grays. It looks very natural! I didn't buy the finishing spray but maybe I will. I have to be careful sometimes because if I have the product in my hair and then I put my sunglasses on top of my head, I'll get dark smudges on face.

  • Bethany A. Wilkins - Great color coverage on my dreadlocks!

    Doing your own hair color can be an adventure, and you are never sure what you will end up with. I admit I was pleasantly surprised to have my messy sun-bleached light brown hair (with some gray) turn the exact shade it showed on the box. When I was younger I had natural red highlights, and missed them, so I was very happy with the color my hair is now. Having dreadlocks that have never been colored before other than a few I colored dark blue a few years ago with a temporary color, I wasn't certain how well it would work with all the dreads being colored. I am very pleased with the results achieved.

  • Prosperity - Say Goodbye to Those Toxic Non-stick Cookie Sheets!

    Thought it would NEVER happen; a stainless steel cookie pan/sheet. LOVE IT! No need to worry yourself about the toxic non-stick coated pans, nor the aluminum pans that use to be the ONLY option for baking. Great in the dishwasher (comes out just as bright and shiny as it is when it's brand new). Easy clean-up by hand too. Seems to tolerate temperatures of 350 degrees without warping or bending out of shape. Great job Norpro! Great price AMAZON!!

  • Susan K. - I don't ever want lice again!

    It is a pain to get lice... and do you know what? EVERYONE gets lice. So admit it. I can't stand people who lie about their kids not having lice. Power in numbers and in honesty is what I say.