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  • Michele L. Maslo - Nice concept

    The ball compartment attaches with a small plastic clip. It keeps falling out when my son is working on hitting. Would have just purchased a more expensive one had I know ahead of time, but it had great reviews until I went to other sites and found the same problem listed.

  • Kent - Works great for older skin...

    A friend at work was taking these for skin, hair and nails. I wrote down the name and checked the reviews here and Amazon. I was surprised to find so many positive reviews.

  • intellectually_stupid - Absolutely Marvelous!!!

    First of all, I am a guy in my early 40's. I have used different brands of hair products (both cheap and expensive) for so many years and have not found one that suits my hair until now. The fekkai shampoo and ocnditioner are the perfect combination for a shiny/glossy hair. The glossing creme works like a Gel - ultra light and there is absolutely zero residue, unlike all the other gel products. This leaves my hair shiny all day. I have never been so happy with any hair products until I started using Fekkai. I just ordered the regular sizes (8 ounces). I have short hair and it is kinda try and hard. Fekkai products keep my hair very soft and manageable. I highly recommend this product although a bit expensive but it's worth it... if you can afford it.

  • jimbo - Works for Some, I Guess

    I used this for about a year and a half, convinced that my hair was growing back little by little. I finally realized, it wasn't. However, I knew it was a long shot in the first place as my thinning hair is due to age and not male pattern baldness. If you are going to try Rogaine, know that the usage information is not b.s. For men, it is only good for the crown of the head and only effective for younger and middle-aged men with male pattern baldness. Even then, it only helps a minority of those who try it, so don't get too excited. Also, if you are going to try it, make sure you take some photos of your hair before you start, so you can make an objective decision about continuing its use after the first few months. That might save you some money.

  • Alexis Meyer - The summary was clear and simple, I liked it!

    I can not say enough good things about this book. I have read literally hundreds of books about habits and habit change in my life. Both for personal pleasure and for researching ideas for books I have written. Some books were horrible, some were decent and a few were really good. Power of Habit is head and shoulders above the rest. The best book on habits ever written. This summary however, is perfect if you want to understand the book in just a matter of time. The summarization was clear and simple.

  • nick - ... the week end and it is oh well to bad. If you download there trial it is there ...

    Est nod32 has no customer service what so ever on weekends not sure what happen but with no tech service I think they have been hacked as of 12/12/15 i am done with them the only time I have needed them is on the week end and it is oh well to bad . If you download there trial it is there but like I said to bad your are not protected . So it might work for you monday through friday but pray you do not need it on the weekend .