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LoveDance: Awakening the Divine Daughter by Deborah Maragopolus FNP - The award winning inspirational passionate story of Mary Magdalen's awakening as the Divine Daughter and Sacred Partner to Yeshua, the Divine Son. Winner of Readers View Spiritual/Inspirational Fiction,

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  • Manuel Grosso Galvan - THE MUSICAL EVOLUTION IN THE STUDIO OF A GENIUS (1966-1968)

    In celebration of the 50th anniversary edition of "Smile" Sonny has seen fit to give us the full session of what was originally to be the disc, then for various reasons it was set up differently. When I say all the sessions I say all, ie including previous tapes to perfect the topics, thus we can hear Miles talking with his musicians, perfecting each note, is a great gift not only for fans of Miles but also for any musician. Podernos ingtimidad introduced into the study with Miles, Shorter, Herbie Hancock and Ron Carter, is to dive to the bottom of the best music.

  • Susie Darling - Disappointing to say the least...

    I had an old version of a Hallmark Card Studio that worked on my windows XP OS and I loved it. I was able to create ANYTHING with it. This HCS is worthless in comparison. Yes, there are many extra graphics and fonts at my fingertips, but it doesn't offer as many projects as it claims and adding text and setting dimensions is a real pain. I'm glad I didn't spend more than $13.00 on it, because it's worth far less and at least I didn't break my wallet as much as Hallmark has broken my confidence in their product.

  • Jen F - Love, rock n roll and rebirth

    I love this story of romance and hope that's full of enough twists and turns to keep you gripped in every moment. This isn't just a story of a sexy rockstar who finds the girl - it's a story of finding love and fighting for it even against the greatest odds. Well done!

  • Shelly - It's a wimp.

    I really wanted to like this, but sadly, it is just okay. I have some fairly rough feet, and this just wasn't powerful enough. It bogs down quite easily when pressed slightly against the skin. I was amused that the instructions said not to hold it in one place for longer than 3-4 seconds...I could hold it in one place for over a minute because it is so wimpy. After 10-15 minutes of using it on one foot, my foot was considerable more smooth though. If the unit had more power, it wouldn't have taken so long.