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  • Read This Before You Throw Your Money Away - Read This Before You Throw Your Money Away

    I read this book and, like so many other people, I was very impressed. I then went out and used Ultra Max hGH from The Ageless Foundation for six months at a cost of $600. I had absolutely no results. I waited a couple of months and then tried a subliminal homeopathic oral HGH from Icom Nutritional Research Labs. This cost about $190 and once again, I could discern no results. Then I went into Edwin M. Lichten, M.D.'s [website] which was listed on page 319 of Dr. Katz's book. In this website, Dr. Licten explains why oral HGH does not work!

  • Joseph Brottem - Smells Like Death

    This stuff smells less like a fart and more like an unwashed anus of a homeless man who just jogged a mile in 95 degree heat. I received this "product" in the mail and immediately sprayed some in a bag and set it in the living room. My two month pregnant wife walked by and immediately started gagging. Through my laughter I immediately grabbed the bag to throw it outside, but as I attempted to catch my breath from laughing, I caught a whiff and immediately started gagging myself. I ended up having to wrap the bag in two other bags and throw it in the trash. I don't know if it was coincidence or not, but the next morning there was a dead squirrel in the yard.

  • Mark H. - Really amazed, and I am not usually amazed

    I recently started having acid reflux and everyday I feel this sequences of chest congestion and nervousness. It has been like that for about 2 weeks and the prescription med my doctor prescribed (pantoprazole) isn't helping at all. Antacid (Tums) do help my condition somehow but I still need to deal with them everyday and I was taking like 10-14 antacid tablets per day, to somehow ease my discomfort.

  • RealG - partial success

    we have used this around kitchen island and have seen struggling roaches in the morning on the floor. but after couple of applications in last month we do still think there is a roach nest behind our dishwasher and somehow they have not all died/gone away!

  • Steven M. Denenberg - I smell a conspiracy

    How is it that the RAND corporation has a monopoly on RAND-om numbers? I think these numbers aren't truly mathematically random, but rather were designed so that, when used in research, they will produce results that will control our minds. Just one more justification for the aluminum hat I always wear.

  • John P Nimitz - Perfect fit

    Perfect fit for my 01 Jeep XJ. Took the busted part off, put this one on in about maybe 5 mins, more or less

  • Tury - Like any other regular computer

    It is exactly a computer, not a powerful computer to play video games or design activities but good enough for web surfing, office and school work, streaming HD videos and social networks. I just connected a wireless keyboard with keypad included in the USB port, plugged it in a 19" TV I have (which is cheaper than a monitor and has built in speakers) and that's it. I have a working Windows 10 computer for just $99.