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LMG for Health | Building Stronger Health Systems - Improving leadership, management and governance practices strengthens health systems and improves health for all, including vulnerable populations.

  • http://www.lmgforhealth.org/about About Us | LMG for Health - Background Despite the massive increase in global health aid in the past decades, and the efforts made by governments to improve the health of their citizens, progress toward meeting the health Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) is slow in many low- and middle-income countries in Asia, Africa, Latin America, and the Caribbean. Successful health interventions oftentimes achieve results, however in many cases these results are not sustained over time.
  • http://www.lmgforhealth.org/content/leadership-management-and-governance-lmg-project The Leadership, Management, and Governance (LMG) Project | LMG for Health - The U.S. Agency for International Development-funded Leadership, Management, and Governance Project strengthens health systems to deliver more responsive services to more people. We do this by developing inspired leaders, sound management systems, and transparent governance practices at the individual level and with networks, organizations, and governments.
  • http://www.lmgforhealth.org/node/1011 The Legacy | LMG for Health - The Leadership, Management, and Governance (LMG) Project is the U.S. Agency for International Development's (USAID) most recent investment in developing inspired leaders, sound management systems, and transparent and accountable governing boards for health. USAID's 30-year legacy of investment demonstrates the Agency's leadership in identifying and fostering essential skillsets that create an enabling environment for quality health service delivery and responsive health systems.
  • http://www.lmgforhealth.org/content/ensuring-equitable-access Ensuring Equitable Access | LMG for Health - The Leadership, Management, and Governance (LMG) Project enhances the abilities of historically marginalized and underrepresented populations to demand and access responsive health services by collaborating with individuals, networks, organizations, and governments to customize strategies to identify and overcome barriers. Inclusion: Gender and Youth The LMG Project collaborates with governments, nongovernmental organizations, and individuals to identify and overcome gender barriers to equitable services.
  • http://www.lmgforhealth.org/content/health-systems-strengthening Health Systems Strengthening | LMG for Health - The Leadership, Management, and Governance (LMG) Project helps health systems bridge the gap between knowledge and action in countries and contexts around the world. We contribute to the World Health Organization’s six health system building blocks:
  • http://www.lmgforhealth.org/content/tools-resources-and-publications Tools, Resources, and Publications | LMG for Health - Our print and electronic resources communicate effective management practices to health professionals around the world. These products are based on our experiences providing management assistance to international public health programs, and offer sound advice and practical guidance for strengthening health services for greater health impact. If you would like to suggest resources be added to our Library, please click here to submit a request for our review.
  • http://www.lmgforhealth.org/node/1107 Passport to Leadership | LMG for Health - Passport to Leadership tells the stories of individuals, networks, organizations, and government agencies dedicated to delivering more responsive services to more people, or having benefitted from leadership, management, and governance interventions.
  • http://www.lmgforhealth.org/tools-resources/newsletters Newsletters | LMG for Health - The LMG Project sends newsletters to our subscribers on a regular basis, featuring themes that enable health leaders to improve health leadership, management, and governance practices. Below you will find all of the LMG Project's newsletters available for your convenience.

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  • HRPeck - Works well - Good Price

    Tablets are often at least 30% broken and individually wrapped. I understand the reasons for this, but they still make a mess when opening. On the flip side, my pool chlorine level is always what I expect. We have a very large pool (over 50,000 gallons) so I use 2 floaters. I have bought this twice now and find the chlorine levels good. In the winter, I only have to add tablets once every 3 or 4 weeks. In the summer (we're in the desert), I add them every week. But I have yet to find a tablet that lasts longer. So I will continue to use these unless someone comes up with a much better product.

  • Shoe Fly - Love Fairy Tales

    Not a miracle product, but I do believe the rosemary oil helps repel the creepy crawlies. Many children's products smell completely unnatural. This product line does use synthetic fragrance in addition to essential oils, so it isn't perfect, but we tolerate the fragrance much better than stronger smelling products. No sneezing or wheezing when we use this stuff!

  • April Reviewer - I love this mouse!!

    I love this mouse!! I purchased this mouse as a replacement for my laptop. It is small and sleek and will travel great! I love that it has a rechargeable battery and I don't have to worry about having replacement batteries with me when I'm going to be away from home for awhile. I've been using this mouse a couple of hours everyday for the last two week and it hasn't needed a recharge yet! This mouse perfectly meets my needs and is better than other mice I have had in the past.