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Live Well Services, Inc. - Intensive Outpatient Program and Rehabilitation, Live Well Services, Inc. Psychologist and Psychiatrist - Substance abuse, eating disorder, ADHD, and other mental problems treatment and counseling

  • http://www.livewellservicesinc.com/aboutus.aspx Live Well Services, Inc - About Us - Treatment models, staff, and individual and group behavioral therapy. - We use a multi-disciplinary treatment team composed of: Psychotherapists, Nutritionist (Registered Dietitian), with close consultation from our client's Primary Care Physician.
  • http://www.livewellservicesinc.com/contactus.aspx Live Well Services, Inc - Frequently Asked Questions - Most insurances accepted. Psychologists, Counselors, Nutritionists, Therapists are on staff with convenient appointment times.
  • http://www.livewellservicesinc.com/mentalhealth.aspx Live Well Services, Inc - Mental Health Services - Mental Health Counseling and treatment - Intensive outpatient mental health program including group therapy, individual therapy, art therapy, and counseling for patients.
  • http://www.livewellservicesinc.com/neurofeedback.aspx Live Well Services, Inc - Mental Health Services - Neurofeedback - An intensive outpaitient program (IOP) in Yardley PA that provides group therapy, educational testing, eating disorder treatment, and a broad range of psychologist services.
  • http://www.livewellservicesinc.com/eatingdisorder.aspx Live Well Services, Inc - Eating Disorder Treatment - Treating anorexia, bulimia, and a full range of eating disorders in adolescents and adults - Yardley PA mental health clinic providing treatment of eating disorders such as anorexia and bulimia, using group therapy and individual counseling.
  • http://www.livewellservicesinc.com/substanceabuse.aspx Live Well Services, Inc - Substance Abuse and Addiction Treatment - Treating alcoholism, painkiller addiction, and drug abuse in Yardley PA. - Intensive Outpatient program for substance abuse and addicion treatment in Yardley, PA, 19067.
  • http://www.livewellservicesinc.com/collegedisabilityserviceevaluation.aspx Live Well Services, Inc - Educational Testing and Evaluation - College Disability Service Evaluation - Providing educational testing, IEP, individual education evaluations, for children, adolescents, and adults of Bucks County PA.

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  • J. Foster - Waste of money, regret my purchase

    Very disappointed with this purchase and would give it zero stars if I could. Like many Turbo Tax users, I wasn't happy with their recent changes so I figured I'd try TaxAct. I first downloaded the free version to see how it worked. Once I was satisfied with that, I purchased, downloaded, and installed the "Ultimate Bundle" which seemed to work until I tried to download the state module which comes with this bundle. The TaxAct software thinks I'm still using the free version and won't let me download the state module unless I pay for it. I can't reach anyone on the phone (constant busy signal) to get help so I'm going back to TurboTax.

  • Marco Colon - nice upgrade for a great price but proceed with caution

    Very cool to be able to upgrade your TV's hardware and software for such a cheap price. with every update recently my es7500 TV's smart hub would get slower and slower, so when I saw the SEK-1000 evolution kit for such a cheap price it was a no brainer. When I first installed the evolution kit I had some issues with the TV rebooting constantly so I looked online on Samsung's website and I noticed that there was a more recent firmware version than what the evolution kit was downloading when selecting "update software" from the TV's menu. so I got a flash drive and downloaded the latest firmware onto the flash drive, powered off the TV, removed the evolution kit from the TV, powered the TV back on (without the evolution kit installed), upgraded the TV's firmware again to the latest level (the evolution kit somehow downgraded the firmware), powered the TV off after the firmware update process completed and proceeded to begin the installation process again for the evolution kit by first, unplugging the TV power cable, plugging in the USB flash drive with the latest evolution kit firmware on it, next install the evolution kit in the TV plug TV power cable back in and power on the TV. the TV detected the evolution kit and performed the initial installation, then it detected the newer firmware on the USB drive and proceeded to install it and rebooted itself and presto no more TV rebooting and nice new speedy processor, now Netflix and you tube load in flash.

  • A. Douthit - Great Stuff

    I really like this stuff. My son has bad breath often and this is the only thing that seems to really do the trick. I would give it 5 stars if it tasted better. Makes it hard to get everyone to use it.

  • Red Shield - It's a great product, but both bottle caps came open in ...

    It's a great product, but both bottle caps came open in shipping. Most items like this have a peel-off top sealed to the bottle to prevent this from happening.

  • Susan Breaux - Yum yum yum

    One of three of my favorite protein shakes. Very helpful in my weight loss goal. Also good thing to have when I want to be naughty. I can make a "chocolate shake" with this that tastes yummy and is high-protein. Feel like you're being bad without being bad.

  • Papa T - Amazing what a company will allow on the market dawning their name and logo.

    This thing is complete crap. It's crappiness is far surpassed by the grounding wires. Both of these together do an excellent job of relieving you of you cash. The fit and finish are abhorrent put nicely. It feels like junk and my summation of said unit is it is junk. I am going to keep it for myself as a motivator to myself to always give 100%. It seems the firm who allowed this to market has lost its way in this area. I assure you it's claims of more HP, brighter lights, more more more is all fantasy thinking from some screwball in the marketing department who at sometime must have sustained some sort of head trauma, as no one would describe this deal as being anything but the biproduct of the digestive process. It's cheap, if you want a good laugh order one for your self and enjoy hours of investigation, ridicule, comedy, and a new found pride and things made in the USA and well anywhere else. If you end up real board in the future you could also install this device and compare the huge difference between stock and with this power adder. I love stuff like this, it just shows you that people have such an interesting humor about them. Also what is even more evident is by evaluation of said product you can get an uncanny feel and deep understanding that some of the inhabitants of our great planet have a unique view on standards. I guess I should appreciate low standards, as if it were not for the flexible, unique, and all out denial of standards I would not have my beautiful wife. See this product brings on such deep thought. A must have.

  • Kurt M Eilrich - Damian Mcginty Shines

    McGinty came to fame (in the US) by winning the first season of "The Glee Project" and subsequently appearing on Glee. He was already well known in his native Northern Ireland for his work with Celtic Thunder with whom he worked for four years. He released an EP of new and old tracks in 2012. But here he really shows what he is capable of. His rich, deep tones are almost unheard of elsewhere in pop and rock music and the selection of songs here do a wonderful job of showing off this remarkably talented singer and his "big" voice. (My particular favorites are "River" and "Irish Christmas.") His smooth baritone is warm and full - and not to be missed.