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Le Skin | kosmetisk medisinsk klinikk - Le Skin er en hudklinikk med fokus på hudens helse, dvs. medisinsk behandling av problemhud og forebygging av hudaldring.

  • http://www.leskin.no/handkrem-som-gir-deg-bedre-hud/ Håndkrem som gir deg bedre hud - Le Skin Kosmetisk Medisinsk klinikk - Le Skin er en hudklinikk med fokus på hudens helse og har spesialisert seg på laserbehandling, kjemisk peeling og ulike injeksjoner.
  • http://www.leskin.no/le-skin-idag-fatt-skilt/ Medisinsk hudklinikk og hudpleie | LeSkin - Avtal tid hos oss for konsultasjon, så tilpasser vi et behandlingsopplegg for deg.

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    City: 9.491 , Germany

  • teridene - Finally! Some good science and protocol for diabetics. Forget what the ADA tells you, its going to kill you.

    I pre ordered this book after viewing Dr. Fung's many videos on Youtube. The book has a lot of information, and is very well written. Tips on several ways to fast, several recipes, and he even explains the protocol his clinic uses for diabetics which I am now following. I was doing the 16:8 with great success, but as a diabetic I am now doing the 36-42 hour fast. I look forward to seeing how it works. So far I have blood sugars around 150 with NO insulin. Its crazy because I used to take massive amounts of insulin with very little results. I expect to see my blood sugar levels come down even more after two weeks. A must have if you are a diabetic!

  • Nick Schwinghamer - High Quality, Reliable ABS

    This is the first ABS filament we've used on our Ultimaker 2 after printing mostly in PLA and PET+. It's been great to work with, and produces a high quality printed product when the slicer settings are correctly configured for ABS. We have had no clogs or quality issues with the filament. It prints easy and looks great when it's done.

  • S. Lee - A Truly High Quality Event Deck

    Caveats: I'm no longer an active tourney go'er or claim to be ahead of the deck brewer's curve on the meta. However, I have followed and played the hobby faithfully since Revised and have a collection of (almost all) Event Decks that I habitually play on the universal battlefield known as "The Kitchen Table."