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Lambert's Health Care | Uniforms & Equipment in Knoxville - We’re committed to helping you have a higher quality of life through our innovative medical equipment, helpful lifestyle products, and supportive services.

  • http://www.lambertshc.com/about/ About Us | Lambert's Health Care - Lambert’s Health Care & Uniforms has deep roots in caring for the East Tennessee community since it first opened its doors in 1956. Medical professionals trust
  • http://www.lambertshc.com/about/our-history/ Our History | Lambert's Health Care - Our History Created through Innovation From its inception in 1956, Lambert’s Health Care has always been an innovator in the homecare field. Lambert’s grew
  • http://www.lambertshc.com/about/qualifications/ Qualifications | Lambert's Health Care - Qualifications Licensed and Highly Qualified The management of Lambert’s Health Care promotes high quality standards for the company and its industry.
  • http://www.lambertshc.com/about/services/ Services | Lambert's Health Care - All Services Since 1956, Lambert’s Health Care has provided home medical equipment and supplies to the East Tennessee area. Lambert’s has virtually
  • http://www.lambertshc.com/about/rental-program/ Rental Program | Lambert's Health Care - Rental Program For people who require short-term use of medical equipment while recovering from an accident or injury, Lambert’s Health Care offers the
  • http://www.lambertshc.com/about/repairs/ Repairs | Lambert's Health Care - Repairs Lambert’s comprehensive medical equipment repair center provides local and experienced professionals that service equipment after the sale. Our
  • http://www.lambertshc.com/about/delivery-and-setup/ Delivery & Setup | Lambert's Health Care - Delivery & Setup Many of our products will qualify for free delivery to your home if you live in Knox County or one of the surrounding counties. Reliable,
  • http://www.lambertshc.com/about/careers/ Careers | Lambert's Health Care - Join the team! Lambert’s Health Care & Uniforms ranks among the nation’s leading specialty medical uniforms and medical products retailers in the
  • http://www.lambertshc.com/about/insurance-billing/ Insurance Billing | Lambert's Health Care - Insurance Billing Lambert’s Health Care knowledgeable customer service staff will happily discuss your covered options and how best to meet your needs. We
  • http://www.lambertshc.com/about/return-policy/ Return Policy | Lambert's Health Care - Return Policy Items eligible for returns must have a receipt and be new, unused, and contain all original product tags, packaging and accessories. Uniform
  • http://www.lambertshc.com/about/privacy-policy/ Privacy Policy | Lambert's Health Care - Privacy Policy Lambert’s Health Care believes that strong electronic privacy is crucial. Therefore, unless you designate otherwise, any information you
  • http://www.lambertshc.com/uniforms/ Our Uniform Threads | Lambert's Health Care - Lambert’s carries the latest seasonal uniform fashion brands as well as the basic core standards and colors required by today’s health care professionals.
  • http://www.lambertshc.com/uniforms/traveling-shows/ Traveling Shows | Lambert's Health Care - Traveling Shows Let us come to you! Lambert’s Uniforms is taking it to the streets with our traveling show, and we’d love to partner with your
  • http://www.lambertshc.com/uniforms/student-programs/ Student Programs | Lambert's Health Care - Student Programs Lambert’s offers a discount program for the leaders of tomorrow. Whether you’re just embarking on your career path or returning to school
  • http://www.lambertshc.com/uniforms/corporate/ Corporate Programs | Lambert's Health Care - Corporate Programs Create a professional look for your office with stylish uniforms from your favorite brands. Lambert’s has the uniforms, shoes, and
  • http://www.lambertshc.com/uniforms/customer-care-associates/ Customer Care Associates | Lambert's Health Care - Customer Care Associates Our staff at our stores loves to show our guests the latest fashion products as well as help find our standard core basics, shoes,
  • http://www.lambertshc.com/uniforms/giving-back/ Giving Back | Lambert's Health Care - Giving Back As a local, family-owned company, stewardship is one of Lambert’s core principles. We’re committed to giving back and helping others to do the
  • http://www.lambertshc.com/uniforms/group-consultations/ Group Consultations | Lambert's Health Care - Group Consultations Is your office seeking a fresh new look? Or is your company seeking a more professional appearance that reflects your company brand?
  • http://www.lambertshc.com/medical/ Home Medical Products | Lambert's Health Care - Since 1956, Lambert’s Health Care has served the East Tennessee area in providing home medical equipment and supplies.
  • http://www.lambertshc.com/sleep/ Sleep | Lambert's Health Care - Lambert’s expert respiratory therapists will work with you to provide the support you need to have sweet dreams and a healthier tomorrow.
  • http://www.lambertshc.com/home-mods/stair-lifts/ Stair Lifts | Lambert's Health Care - Stair Lifts Call us at 1-800-669-1103 or send us a message for a free estimate.     Do you find yourself struggling with the stairs
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  • shivaughn doyle - im not quite sure if its really doing what it says its supposed to be doing because its not an outcome that you can see

    but, it is causing me to break out, which i think means its strong and it warns the consumer about a light detoxification symptom; which is breaking out. so, I had to lower the dose im taking. which helped.

  • Lois J. Breedlove - Good Job!

    The basic theme isn't new -- alien ship, telepathy with the remaining alien, and so on -- but the writing and the characters bring a freshness to Fluency. I kept reading even when I had other things to do, and I'm happily looking forward to a sequel.

  • Kevin - Incredible Value

    I really can't believe how much value I got for this phone. If someone had given me one of these, I would never have guessed it was a 60 dollar phone. I bought it just to use for a few weeks when I switched plans but I may stick with it for a while.

  • CCM3RD - Fixed my brake light issue.

    Great price, fast shipping. It fixed the problem I had with my Jeep. I would recommend this as agreat replacement part option

  • MJRedd - Not a believer, but tried it on a whim. No one more surprised than me when it really helped my pain.

    I have osteoarthritis in only a few joints of my hands, and I can ignore and forget about it most of the time. But when the pain flares up, it can get really bad. My mom-in-law swears by some topical cream for her arthritis but I never believed something like that could help....didn't make sense to me. Out of desperation one day, I picked up a jar of Australian Cream for no real reason. I'd never heard of it. I balked at the price, but still I decided to try it. And after applying it to my aching hand, I didn't feel any warmth or tingling...nothing. I assumed I had wasted my money -- that is, til about a half hour later when I realized my joints were no longer aching much at all! There was no numbness, no odor, nothing remarkable. The pain had just ebbed so much it was almost gone. I have no clue how or why it works, but this cream absolutely does work for me! I urge you to try it if you suffer from similar bouts of pain. I have nothing to gain by posting this review. Just glad I found it. (Purchased at Walgreens)

  • W D Montgomery - This was a disappointment. I dont mind moving outside Absaroka County

    I have never before read a Longmire mystery that I would not give 5+ stars. This was a disappointment. I dont mind moving outside Absaroka County, but this lacked more than the familiar setting and characters. Bad guys were almost caricatures, Henry was flat, and there were loose ends left everywhere. Worst of all, the clay shooting competition was ridiculous. I shoot all the clat target disciplines,