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Order Lab Tests, Titers, STD & Drug Test.No insurance or Dr's approval – LabReqs.com - Order Lab Testing online such as MMR Titer, Varicella Titers, Hep B Titer,or any Labs for school, work or to know more about health. Doctor's orders provided.

  • https://www.labreqs.com/products/hep-b-titer (Hep B Titer) HBV Surface, antibody Quantitative Test. – LabReqs.com - Hepatitis B antibody (anti-HBs) HBV level measured to determine if vaccination is needed. Tests useful for students and medical employees to prove immunity.
  • https://www.labreqs.com/products/mmr-titer MMR Titer (Measles, Mumps and Rubella) Quantitative – LabReqs.com - Varicella titer is a blood test that checks for immunity, also known as Chickenpox Titer. IgG blood test ordered by schools, students & healthcare employees.
  • https://www.labreqs.com/products/varicella-titer Varicella Titer (Quantitative) Immunity Test – LabReqs.com - Chicken Pox titer or Varicella titer is a lab test required by schools & employers to prove immunity. The Varicella Zoster Virus (VZV) Titer is a blood test.
  • https://www.labreqs.com/products/tb-blood-test TB Blood Test - QuantiFERON Gold – LabReqs.com - TB Blood Test  What is a QuantiFERON TB Blood Test? The QuantiFERON TB Blood Test is an FDA-approved blood test that screens for prior exposure to tuberculosis.
  • https://www.labreqs.com/products/hepatitis-b-mmr-varicella-panel Immunity Panel - Hepatitis B, MMR & Varicella Titer Panel – LabReqs.com - What does this blood titer immunity panel check? This panel measures the Hepatitis B, MMR (Measles/Rubeola, Mumps, Rubella), and Varicella IgG Antibody titers.
  • https://www.labreqs.com/products/five-panel-hair-drug-screen Five Panel Hair Drug Screen – LabReqs.com - 5 panel hair follicle Drug test  Cannabinoids (THC) Cocaine Methamphetamine Opiates Phencyclidine  Several Local testing options available in every city.     Ad
  • https://www.labreqs.com/products/complete-blood-count CBC- Complete Blood Count. Lab test for overall health. – LabReqs.com - CBC Lab Test detects anemia, infection and leukemia. Complete blood count test measures features of your blood, including: Red blood cells, which carry oxygen
  • https://www.labreqs.com/products/5-panel-urine-drug-screen Five Panel Urine Drug Screen – LabReqs.com - Lab Based 5 Panel Drug Screen with GCMS at SAMSHA certified laboratory.   Cannabinoids (THC) Cocaine Methamphetamine Opiates Phencyclidine    
  • https://www.labreqs.com/products/five-panel-hair-drug-screen-expanded-opiates Five Panel Hair Drug Screen + Expanded Opiates – LabReqs.com - 5 panel hair follicle Drug test  Cannabinoids (THC) Cocaine Methamphetamine Opiates Phencyclidine  Several Local testing options available in every city.     In
  • https://www.labreqs.com/products/lipid-profile Lipid Profile – LabReqs.com - Lipid Panel -This blood test checks your standard medical Lipid & Cholesterol markers. What is a Lipid Panel Test? The Lipid Panel Test is a blood test that
  • https://www.labreqs.com/products/comprehensive-metabolic-panel CMP- Comprehensive Metabolic Panel – LabReqs.com - lso known as: CMP; Chem 12; Chemistry Panel; Chemistry Screen; SMA 12; SMA 20; SMAC (somewhat outdated terms) Formal name: Comprehensive Metabolic Panel Related
  • https://www.labreqs.com/products/hiv HIV fourth-generation HIV-1/O/2 assay – LabReqs.com - The fourth-generation HIV-1/O/2 assay is acknowledged to detect acute HIV infection 4 to 12 days earlier than third-generation assays. Coupled with supplemental
  • https://www.labreqs.com/products/hepatitis-b-surface-antigen-w-reflex Hepatitis B Surface, antigen w/Reflex – LabReqs.com - Test blood donors (HBsAg positive individuals are rejected). Hepatitis B surface antigen is the earliest indicator of the presence of acute infection. Also indi
  • https://www.labreqs.com/products/t4-total T4Total Thyroid Test – LabReqs.com - Total T4 levels offer a good index of thyroid function when the thyroid-binding globulin is normal and nonthyroidal illness is not present. Measurement of total
  • https://www.labreqs.com/products/hiv-test-4th-generation HSV 1/2,(igG)HerpesSelect – LabReqs.com - Detection of antibodies specific to herpes type 1 and/or 2 only Detect IgG antibodies specific to HSV types 1 and/or 2 infection; confirm or rule out possible i
  • https://www.labreqs.com/products/urinalysis-with-microscopic-exam Urinalysis with Microscopic Exam – LabReqs.com - The Routine Urinalysis includes the following components: Specific Gravity: The concentration of the urine sample. This is used to help evaluate the level of ce
  • https://www.labreqs.com/products/psa-total PSA Total – LabReqs.com - What is a Total PSA Test? The Total PSA test measures the blood level of PSA, Total. Why is a Total PSA Test important? PSA is produced by the prostate gland. H
  • https://www.labreqs.com/products/polio-titer Polio titer – LabReqs.com - Polio Titer test is used to check for immunity to Polio.  Polio is a viral disease that affects the nervous system and can cause partial or full paralysis.  Thi
  • https://www.labreqs.com/products/thyroid-panel-test Thyroid Panel Test – LabReqs.com - TSH - TSH test measures the amount of thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH) in your blood. TSH is produced by the pituitary gland. It tells the thyroid gland to mak
  • https://www.labreqs.com/products/troponin Troponin I – LabReqs.com - A troponin test measures the levels  troponin I proteins in the blood. These proteins are released when the heart muscle has been damaged, such as occurs with a
  • https://www.labreqs.com/products/hepatitis-a-antibody-total Hepatitis A Antibody, Total – LabReqs.com - This test can be used to look for both recent and past exposure to Hepatitis A. It can also be used to verify immunity to Hep A. Hepatitis A is a liver infectio
  • https://www.labreqs.com/products/ten-panel-urine-lab-drug-test Ten Panel Urine Lab Drug Test – LabReqs.com - Lab Based 10 Panel Drug Screen with GCMS at SAMSHA certified laboratory. Cannabinoids (THC) Cocaine Methamphetamine Opiates Phencyclidine Methadone Barbiturates
  • https://www.labreqs.com/products/anemiapanel Anemia Panel – LabReqs.com - CBC - Complete Blood Count, with the Differential. Subcomponents include the WBC, RBC, Hemoglobin, Hematocrit, MCV, MCH, RDW, and Platelets.  Reticulocyte count

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  • Amazon Customer - Excellent for Planning!

    I took this on my trip with me to Morocco for 2.5 weeks and used it extensively. There's something to be said about using a good old-fashioned guidebook to plan travel. I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking for an in-depth guide to the country for their next trip.

  • TorisellsLA - Love This

    I have been doing some research on natural things that will help with memory and focus. I have been reading about the benefits of different vitamins and amino acids and have been slowly adding them into my daily vitamin routine to see which one's I feel help and which do not. This one came up to review at a discount so based on what I had researched I decided to add it in to my daily intake of vitamins.

  • Brian Kimmel - Made hair dry....

    I have not noticed this shampoo doing anything special for my hair. What I have noticed is that my scalp and hair are drier and have been experiencing significantly more flakes when brushing my hair.

  • Wendy Sue - Buy online not in store

    I was one of the folks that fell for the hard sales pitch and bought 1k worth of product. I have ok skin, look younger than my 43 years, but am getting crows feet. The bottom line is the products work well for me and I noticed a real difference, but the price is outrageous and the sales pitch leaves you feeling like you've been victimized. I will use the eye serum and cream, but will buy them online in the future.

  • Matt - I found this to be a waste. I recommend getting a lews

    Broke after a few times using it. Drag stopped having any affect and the braking system definitely didn't work. I would save your money and buy a slightly more expensive but higher quality reel. I found this to be a waste. I recommend getting a lews.

  • jimbo - Works for Some, I Guess

    I used this for about a year and a half, convinced that my hair was growing back little by little. I finally realized, it wasn't. However, I knew it was a long shot in the first place as my thinning hair is due to age and not male pattern baldness. If you are going to try Rogaine, know that the usage information is not b.s. For men, it is only good for the crown of the head and only effective for younger and middle-aged men with male pattern baldness. Even then, it only helps a minority of those who try it, so don't get too excited. Also, if you are going to try it, make sure you take some photos of your hair before you start, so you can make an objective decision about continuing its use after the first few months. That might save you some money.