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KRKA France Eurl - Krka est un expert européen du médicament générique récemment implanté en France sur le marché officinal (ville).

  • http://www.krka.fr/fr/l-emploi-chez-krka/ L'emploi chez Krka | KRKA France - Figurant parmi les leaders mondiaux dans le domaine des médicaments génériques, nous offrons des conditions de travail attractives ainsi que des opportunités en matière de développement personnel.
  • http://www.krka.fr/fr/a-propos-de-nous/ A propos de Krka | KRKA France - Les grands domaines d’activités de Krka sont la production et la vente de médicaments de prescription, de médicaments sans ordonnance et de produits vétérinaires.
  • http://www.krka.fr/fr/a-propos-de-krka-france/ A propos de Krka en France | KRKA France - Krka est un expert européen du médicament générique récemment implanté en France.
  • http://www.krka.fr/fr/a-propos-de-nous/mentions-legales/ Mentions légales | KRKA France - Ce site internet est la propriété de KRKA France Eurl, qui fait partie du groupe KRKA (ci-après dénommé « Krka »).

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    City: 15 , Slovenia

  • Amelia castelli - scam, beware

    after spending hours listening to the cd & completing the survey, I am suppose to get a refund of $327 back. never got it.... rid off......

  • Nikki - Love it!

    Wonderful oil diffuser, can easily smell the oil with only a couple of drops. I highly recommend this diffuser. This by far is my favorite diffuser.

  • Dee Es Bee - The best one I've ever used

    I love splat, I've been using it for years. Granted, I only started using it again once I re-enrolled in college, but the formula hasn't really changed. Aside from the bleach, the dye actually smells pretty good. The color stays longer than other alternative-style brands I've tried, so I keep recommending it.

  • Garden Goddess - Good value, essential for youthful skincare strategy

    I layer my skincare products- you can totally do that without cancelling out their effects, as I learned in Paula Begoun's "The Best Skin of Your Life Starts Here" book. This is part of my evening routine, to be applied to cleansed skin: first, my own experimental homebrew creatine serum, then vitamin c serum (mine is from Makeup Artist's Choice), then eye cream, then this cream over my entire face & neck. My skin seems to love it and glows. The texture and clarity has improved over time, and you must keep in mind that retinol can take months to work, especially if you have a lot of skin damage. (I have been a regular user of sunscreen since my teens so I do not have much sun damage, fortunately.) I am able to use this product nightly without irritation but everyone's skin is different so start every other night to see how your skin does with it. The lotion base helps prevent irritation. I would not recommend using this product, vitamin c or any AHA or BHA immediately after doing an at-home skin peel of any kind- you need to be gentle to your skin and put something soothing/healing on it. I use this the night before and the night after doing a peel, but I use the duo apple stem cell serum from Makeup Artist's Choice and a simple moisturizer (Tamanu healing cream from Carley's) right afterward.

  • D. Jester - Good stands, just know their limitations

    Pretty solid for their size, weight, and price. These are not meant for competitive powerlifters, just not that heavy duty. I see they are rated to 390 lbs. I think I would stop at around 315 on them (3- 45 lb./20kg plates on each side of an olympic bar). Also I would not bang a heavy weight against the backstop of them. Use with common sense, and they should be adequate for all but the most serious of home gyms. They are also light enough to put away when not in use.

  • Gabriel - Very Convenient and Useful. Potential Money Saver Depending on User.

    Ironically, this product with the word "soda" in the name has dramatically reduced the amount of soda consumed in my household. The fact that it carbonates water, to which you add your own flavor, has allowed us to come up with lots of alternatives to soda. I'm mostly drinking carbonated water with fresh fruit or herbs (mint, lemon, cucumber, strawberries, etc.). I have some soda syrup on hand when I want a soda but with this product I can now pick and choose the times I want a soda by making my drinks on demand. For this lifestyle change alone I love this product.