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Kinesiology, Applied Kinesiology, Specialized Kinesiology, Health Kinesiology, Neurokinesiology - Hands-on techniques for healing the body, mind and spirit - Let It Flow - Dr. Sheel Tangri - Kinesiology, applied kinesiology, specialized kinesiology, health kinesiology or neurokinesiology are different titles of a holistic complementary therapy that use manual muscle testing or muscle testing to help the body recover from any structural problem, illness, allergies, or learning disability by restoring energy balance in the body’s complex circuitry.

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  • Daniel - Wasted Potential

    Good cast sort of wasted in film with very weak script, feels as if it might have been more entertaining in hands of better director. Not even up to popcorn movie that you'd watch on a Saturday night... Film characters are very underdeveloped. Almost seems like made for tv type movie though not even up to some of those quality.

  • Jeffrey W Record - Quick and easy to install.

    Quick and easy to install. Customer service was very quick and answered all my questions. I got one of these for each of my vehicles after my daughter's car was stolen last month. This is well worth the investment and has a variety of functions including engine diagnostics. Highly recommended.

  • Julie Q - Caffeine for everyone!

    I was supremely late to jumping on the caffeine bandwagon. It wasn't until my early 40s that I really started drinking coffee, primarily to get me through every day of teaching. When you're trying to corral 25 third graders, you need every ounce of energy available.

  • HellFrozeOver - I like it

    Less than a week old and this is what I know....the remote is very basic with only a numeric keypad. keep that in mind when you have to want to enter passwords (especially if you use letters!). even though there is a keyboard that can pop up on screen, it's a very slow process. I could not get the keypad to work for websites that needed data entered. Thus it is extremely helpful if you have a wireless or wired keboard that you can plug into the usb port on back of the unit.