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Timothy P Kenkel and Associates: Eye Doctor in Cincinnati - Optometrists at our eyecare clinic next to LensCrafters offer high tech eye exams, eye disease diagnosis & management, LASIK consults, and contact lenses!

  • http://www.kenkeleyecare.com/contact-us/ Dr. Timothy P. Kenkel and Associates Contact Information - Schedule an eye exam or contact Dr. Kenkel and Assoc. via online contact forms or phone: (513) 671-1195 (Forest Fair Mall), (513) 661-4450 (Glenway Ave).
  • http://www.kenkeleyecare.com/our-practice/ Optometry Practice Hamilton | Western Hills Eye Doctors Office - Our Hamilton optometry practice also serves the Fairfield and Forest Park areas. Visit our eye doctors office today!
  • http://www.kenkeleyecare.com/eye-care-services/ Family Eye Care Services in Western Hills & Cincinnati - Dr. Tim Kenkel and Associates offer eye care services to the Hamilton, Fairfield, and Western Hills areas
  • http://www.kenkeleyecare.com/locate-us/ Hours & Directions: Timothy P Kenkel | Cincinnati OH - Locate both eye doctors offices for easy access to eye exams from Hamilton, Western Hills, Bridgetown, Weston Hills, Fairfield or Springdale.
  • http://www.kenkeleyecare.com/contact-lenses/ Complete Contact Lens Services for Forest Park & Bridgetown - Time to get an upgrade to contacts in Forest Park & Bridgetown? We specializes in contact lens exams, contact lens fittings and specialty contacts.
  • http://www.kenkeleyecare.com/eye-library/ Timothy P Kenkel & Associates: Eye Health Library - In the Forest Park Eye Doctor Timothy P Kenkel & Associates Library, you'll find dozens of helpful articles about the various vision health-related topic.
  • http://www.kenkeleyecare.com/our-optometrists/ Come Over & Meet the Leading Optometrists in Cincinnati, OH - Learn more about our Cincinnati eye doctors at Dr. Timothy P. Kenkel and Associates. We also serve the Hamilton, Fairfield, and Forest Park areas.
  • http://www.kenkeleyecare.com/our-vision-insurance/ Vision Insurance Hamilton | Cincinnati Insurance | VSP Fairfield - Find out if our Hamilton eye doctor accepts your vision insurance provider - also serving Cincinnati, Fairfield, and Forest Park.
  • http://www.kenkeleyecare.com/contact-lenses/buy-your-contact-lenses/ You Can Order Contact Lenses Online Through Our Website - If you're looking for contact lenses, we have secure, online ordering of your contact lenses. You can find out more by visiting this page of our website.
  • http://www.kenkeleyecare.com/our-practice/review-us-online/review-our-princeton-pike-office-online/ Review Our Princeton Pike Office Online | Timothy P Kenkel and Associates - At Timothy P Kenkel and Associates we are always interested in improving our patients' experience with our Practice
  • http://www.kenkeleyecare.com/our-practice/review-us-online/review-our-glenway-ave-office-online/ Review Our Glenway Ave Office Online | Timothy P Kenkel and Associates - At Timothy P Kenkel and Associates we are always interested in improving our patients' experience with our Practice.
  • http://www.kenkeleyecare.com/location/princeton-pike/ Princeton Pike Location: Timothy P Kenkel & Associates - Our Cincinnati, OH eye doctor's office is located at on Princeton Pike. Visit our eye care center today and get eye care for you and your family.
  • http://www.kenkeleyecare.com/location/glenway-avenue/ Glenway Ave Location: Timothy P Kenkel & Associates - Visit our Bridgetown, Cincinnati optometrist for an eye exam on Glenway Avenue 7 days a week, right next to LensCrafters.
  • http://www.kenkeleyecare.com/eye-care-services/advanced-technology/ Advanced Technology- Timothy P Kenkel & Associates, Cincinnati OH - State of the art eye care clinic features high-tech equipment for earlier, less-invasive diagnosis of eye diseases. Find out more!
  • http://www.kenkeleyecare.com/eye-library/eye-exams/your-comprehensive-eye-exam/ Comprehensive Eye Exam Cincinnati - Dr. Timothy Kenkel and Associates - Eye Doctors - Learn about your comprehensive eye exam. Dr. Kenkel provides information about complete eye exams in our Princeton Pike office and Glenway Avenue office.
  • http://www.kenkeleyecare.com/eye-care-services/comprehensive-eye-examinations/ Are You Looking for an Eye Exam in Bridgetown or Forest Park - Our comprehensive eye exams will evaluate your eye health, detect any eye disorders and provide you with a perscrption for contact lenses and glasses.

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