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  • Amazon Customer - I survive a painful autoimmune illness of the bladder

    I survive a painful autoimmune illness of the bladder. It's so very painful, my life SUCKS!! I've been studying the benefits Cucumin has on paint, in a holistic and safe way. I decided to try this brand because of the comments and reviews. It has worked, taking some of the edge of pain off. I read the bottle more thoroughly, and found that black pepper is in the supplement. I learned they work better together on pain such as Fybromyalgia. However, my bladder has spasms when black pepper goes through my system. This it didn't help many pain, only made it worse. For all of you out there, this would help your pain naturally if you can digest the pepper. Stay well everyone.

  • Rwilliams - ?? Wait! What?? Starship Troopers is better? No way!!!!

    Don't even bother if you already have low expectations. Poorly produced/ edited and overstocked with enough tropes for six films, this highlights another example of Hollywood attempting to recreate the sense of awe when enjoying the original or the first film which inspired it's sequel. This film moves at such a fast pace that it prevents the secondary characters from the first film and newly introduce characters very little time for development or memorable moments. I for one can enjoy films for their entertainment value (popcorn flick) and their production (script, casting, effects, music, ect.) value & in my opinion this film lacks either. If you're craving an action film involving earthlings that take on an invading army of highly advanced and/or dominating aliens, stick with "Battle: Los Angeles", "Battleship", or even "Starship Troopers". I am so glad that I did not watch this in the theater or purchase this film. I just felt like these decent actors were duped with false promises or lured with an overinflated paycheck. Budget:$165 mil, U.S. Box Office:$103 mil,... need I say more?

  • Maria - is the best book about BDSM that I've ever read

    ➦This, hands down, is the best book about BDSM that I've ever read. C.D. Reiss did a stellar job making this book incredibly erotic and complex without it being over the top kinky. This book explores the subject on a psychological level and has one thing I dearly crave in my reads - in depth character development. It's all about the two people and their relationship and the things that make them tick.


    I have owned Moov for approximately two weeks. I love the concept and the actual device. Before purchasing I spent hours reading reviews and learning about the pros and cons. One of the most consistent pieces of feedback I found, across all forums, was that the disc slips from the band and many people have lost the device. I decided to move forward knowing this big problem existed and played it off to those folks having a defective band or bad luck. I made sure to keep the band tight around my wrist to avoid any slippage and it worked. Today, I glanced down and noticed that THE DISC WAS GONE! It had slipped out at some point throughout the day and I didn't notice right away. Now I am out $80 and the device is gone.

  • Sophie832 - Definitely More Pros than Cons

    We purchased our Clek Foonf when our son was 6 months old and was tired of not being able to see out the windows when he was in his infant seat (plus, he was getting too big for the seat anyway). We did a lot of research, and chose the Clek because of its amazing safety features, the fact that it sits up higher, extended RF, and the green certification. We had someone certified in car seat installation help us install it the first time (and give us pointers about the seat) because we always feel better doing that with a new car seat. However, I don't think it's necessary if you have installed a car seat before and are willing to do a little online research (watch some instructional videos, read recommendations, etc.). The manual can be a little confusing. Yes, this is a beast of a car seat, and I have trouble moving it from car to car, but my husband can handle it. We don't do that very often, though. We got a free Weelee travel bag (made by Clek) with our purchase, but we will probably never use it. I can't imagine lugging this seat through an airport. We have had the seat installed RF in the middle rear seat and behind the driver's seat of a Hyundai Santa Fe, and behind the driver's seat in a Subaru Forester, Subaru Outback, and Mazda CX-5. Always had room for the driver, although some cars are tighter than others. We have never used the LATCH install, and in fact the directions make it seem a lot more complicated to do that RF rather than just use a seatbelt install. There are two plastic lockoffs for the seatbelt, and we use both, although one is still allowable per the manufacturer (just in case one breaks, or the position of the seatbelt doesn't allow you to use both). Here are the pros and cons after 10 months of use:

  • jjuliannadawn - Really small!

    Not at all what I was expecting. There's about 10 small pictures on each page. Doesn't grab my daughter's attention at all. Each page looks just like the cover there but it's only 5x5 inches big. There's too much going on, on each picture for it to be used as a learning tool at this age.

  • Gilbert De Jesus - It works very well.

    Have been trying this out for the last week, and I'm glad that I purchased it!! The reviews of others were right on spot. The 6 USB output tops out at 12A max. You can rely on charging 6 items, phones/tablets, all at the same time and quickly. You can not connect it to a PC to use as extra ports.