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Karon and Dalimonte - Boston Personal Injury Lawyers - Karon & Dalimonte, LLP’s, civil litigation practice includes products liability, amusement ride accidents, traumatic brain injuries, toxic torts, truck and car accidents, drug and medical device injuries, wrongful death, professional malpractice, personal injury, and business disputes.

  • http://www.kdlaw.net/results Over 7 million Mini Himalaya Defective Amusement Ride Settlement - An eight year old child, sustained serious injuries and disfigurement while a passenger on a “Mini-Himalaya” amusement ride
  • http://www.kdlaw.net/results/go-kart-amusement-ride Over 4 Million Go-Kart Defective Amusement Ride Settlement - A thirty-three year old woman who caught her hair on the unguarded rear axle of a go kart while riding at an indoor amusement center; as a result, her scalp was ripped from her head.
  • http://www.kdlaw.net/results/defective-playground-equipment-Fula-Case Over 2 Million Defective Playground Equipment Settlement - An eleven year old boy, went to an indoor play ground and amusement center in Woburn, MA. He was injured in a tube slide.
  • http://www.kdlaw.net/results/products-liability-wrongful-death-Settlement Over 2 Million Products Liability Wrongful Death $2 Million Settlement - The road grader was an earth moving machine used to level the ground and clear a pathway to lay roads. It was equipped with a single brake advertised as “fail safe” which served as both a parking brake and emergency brake.
  • http://www.kdlaw.net/results/traumatic-brain-injury-truck-accident-Confidential Traumatic Brain Injury-Truck Accident Confidential $2 Million Settlement - A twelve year old boy, was a passenger in his mother's car which was hit by a fourteen wheeler at an intersection. The boy sustained a severe traumatic brain injury and was in a coma for over a month
  • http://www.kdlaw.net/results/snowmobile-wrongful-death-fraser-case Over 1 Million - Snowmobile Defective Product Wrongful Death - This was a wrongful death action arising out of an accident on December 30, 2002, when plaintiff’s decedent was operating a snowmobile.
  • http://www.kdlaw.net/practice-areas Amusement Ride Accidents - Each year thousands of people are injured in amusement ride accidents and many of these injuries could have been prevented if proper precautions had been taken to design, maintain, inspect and operate the rides
  • http://www.kdlaw.net/practice-areas/defective-products Defective Products - Dangerous product lawyers and dangerous product attorneys, made easy to locate at KDLaw.net
  • http://www.kdlaw.net/practice-areas/medical-malpractice Medical Malpractice Attorneys - Medical malpractice occurs when the healthcare provider's medical negligence causes undue injury to their patient.
  • http://www.kdlaw.net/practice-areas/personal-injury Personal Injury Attorneys - We have obtained substantial recoveries for clients in a wide variety of cases including amusement ride accidents, traumatic brain injuries, car and truck accidents, defective products, dangerous drugs, medical malpractice, workplace accidents and premises liability
  • http://www.kdlaw.net/practice-areas/professional-negligence Professional Negligence - Karon & Dalimonte, LLP has extensive experience helping persons who were harmed when their attorney or architect didn’t comply with the standards of their profession
  • http://www.kdlaw.net/practice-areas/tbi-tramautic-brain-injury-attorney TBI - Tramautic Brain Injury Attorney - Brain injury cases present complex medical and legal issues. Our attorneys have the expertise to help you. According to the Centers for Disease Control, approximately 1.7 million people annually sustain a traumatic brain injury.

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  • Janice Poglitsch - Cheap knock off

    This is not an authentic mopar part. This is a cheap knock off. My husband reluctantly installed it. Poor fit, however it looks great. Will buy the original mopar part and toss this. The cheap price should have warned me off. Beware. Do not buy!

  • Reginald Riley - so it sticks like Velcro.

    The planchette didn't want to move because the surface of the board is really rough and on the bottom of the planchette has felt feet, so it sticks like Velcro.

  • glamazon - This is the BEST probiotic I have ever tried

    This is the BEST probiotic I have ever tried!!! My experience mirrors that of many posters on here. I had BV, cleared it up w/antibiotics, & then got a yeast infection due to the antibiotics. Why doctors don't know enough about probiotics to recommend to their patients are beyond me. I've tried other probiotics but the dosage was too low. A friend told me that her gynecologist told her about the repHresh Pro-B and that it really worked so I decided to give it a try and I'm so happy that I did. I could truly feel a difference in 1 day. By day 3, my balance was back on track. I take this along w/ the ultimate flora rts extra strength probiotic 30 billion. Since I've started this daily regimen, my vaginal & intestinal bifidobacterial levels are balanced. I don't miss a day and my life is so much better. I barely have any sort of a discharge which is normal.

  • terster - A leap ahead of office 2007 but still not nearly what 2003 was

    This is a huge leap forward from office 2007 which Microsoft put out. The learning curve was so high. I have het to hear anyone who likes office 2007. Everyone though loved 2003. I'm the same. This is a large step forward. It's faster, less buggy and it works fairly well. Word, Outlook and Excel in particular is what I use the most and I'm fairly pleased with them. Still upset though that it's soooo hard to find stuff in the "ribbon" but again... this is much improved over 2007.

  • Sistergirl/Juanita - Terrific price and I didn't have to leave the comfort ...

    Purchased this product on the day before Thanksgiving 2015 as a Christmas present for my daughter. She loves the Wii U. The game came in less than 2 days. Terrific price and I didn't have to leave the comfort of my home. I love shopping on Amazon.

  • Rev. Martin J W Jones - Architectural Designer's Essential

    I purchased this for a friend who is an architectural designer between jobs. He is helping me to produce professional designs for the general contractor.