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Java Clinical Research - Clinical ResearchJava Clinical | Clinical Trials & Drug Development - Java Clinical Research is a Contract Research Organisation providing core services to the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device industries.

  • http://www.javacr.com/about-java/ Contract Research Organisation Ireland - CRO IrelandJava Clinical - Java Clinical are a contract research organisation collaborating with clinical investigators across Ireland and are affiliated with Dublin medical schools
  • http://www.javacr.com/about-java/team/ Clinical Trial EU | Clinical Research Companies | Management TeamJava Clinical - Java Clinical, based in Dublin, are a clinical research company who run clinical trials in Europe. The management team is headed by Prof. Desmond Fitzgerald and Ms Ruth Nallen.
  • http://www.javacr.com/about-java/quality/ Quality Management - Java Clinical ResearchJava Clinical - Java Clinical's quality management processes are monitored, measured, analysed and improved on in order to achieve planned results and continual improvement
  • http://www.javacr.com/clinical-trials/ Clinical Trial Europe | European Clinical Trials | EU TrialsJava Clinical - At Java Clinical , our research team can support European clinical trials and can deliver every client project on time and to the highest standards (EU).
  • http://www.javacr.com/clinical-trials/services/ Clinical Trials Services Europe | Clinical Trials EUJava Clinical - At Java Clinical, we are fully committed to delivering European clinical trials services for every client on time and to the highest EU standards.
  • http://www.javacr.com/clinical-trials/therapeutic-areas/ Clinical Research Organisation | Therapeutic AreasJava Clinical - Java Clinical is a clinical research organisation, with experience as clinical trial coordinator in clinical research in a range of therapeutic areas.
  • http://www.javacr.com/clinical-trials/investigator-led-studies/ Clinical Trial Investigator Ireland | Clinical Research Investigator EUJava Clinical - Java Clinical Ireland have extensive knowledge of the compliance required by the clinical research investigator for investigator led studies in Europe.
  • http://www.javacr.com/clinical-trials/medical-device/ Medical Device Regulatory Landscape - Java ClinicalJava Clinical - At Java Clinical we appreciate the challenges of medical device development and have an extensive understanding of the medical device regulatory landscape
  • http://www.javacr.com/scientific-services/ Drug Development Research Ireland, EU | Scientific ServicesJava Clinical - Java Clinical offers a suite of scientific services to assist in the drug development process in Ireland, from preclinical through to post-marketing.
  • http://www.javacr.com/scientific-services/smarter-clinical-trials/ Clinical Trials | More Informative | More Efficient | More EffectiveJava Clinical - At Java Clinical Research, we help our clients make better decisions by running smarter clinical trials to get more information from early phase studies.
  • http://www.javacr.com/scientific-services/our-approach/ Custom Pharmacodynamic Assays | Assay Development for Clinical TrialsJava Clinical - Java Clinical Research develops state-of-the-art custom pharmacodynamic assays to provide early proof of concept in clinical trials.
  • http://www.javacr.com/scientific-services/pharmacodynamic-assays/ Pharmacodynamic Assays for Clinical Trials |Java Clinical - Java Clinical Research develop customised pharmacodynamic assays using, Transcriptomics, Genomics, Proteomics, Flow Cytometry, Imaging and Bioinformatics.
  • http://www.javacr.com/scientific-services/pharmacodynamic-assays/platelet-function/ Platelet Function Assay | Platelet Function TestJava Clinical - Java Clinical Research manages platelet function testing and other platelet assays in clinical trials and preclinical research.
  • http://www.javacr.com/global-reach/ CRO Europe | Clinical Research Associates Ireland | CRA EuropeJava Clinical - At Java Clinical, we are an Irish CRO with an international perspective and global reach. We offer international coverage using our CRA partnership network.
  • http://www.javacr.com/global-reach/uk/ UK Office - Java ClinicalJava Clinical - Java Clinical UK office is located in Oxfordshire, within the golden triangle of Europe’s leading centres of enterprise, innovation and scientific knowledge
  • http://www.javacr.com/global-reach/european-partner-networks/ CRO Partner Networks - Java Clinical ResearchJava Clinical - At Java Clinical we pride ourselves on being an Irish CRO with a global perspective, via our UK office and our European CRO Partner Networks
  • http://www.javacr.com/global-reach/partnering-opportunities/ Drug Development Partners - Java ClinicalJava Clinical - When you partner with Java Clinical your drug development programs are plugged into our global network of research scientists
  • http://www.javacr.com/research-development/ r&d - Java Clinical ResearchJava Clinical - Java Clinical has an ongoing laboratory R&D programme, working with clinicians in St Vincent’s University Hospital.
  • http://www.javacr.com/contact/ Clinical Research Dublin | ContactJava Clinical - Java Clinical, based in Dublin, are an authority in clinical research with links to major medical schools and access to medical expertise.
  • http://www.javacr.com/photo-gallery/ Photo Gallery - Java Clinical Research ServicesJava Clinical - Go behind the scenes with our photo gallery as we showcase just some of our clinical trial management services and Java Clinical's laboratory services
  • http://www.javacr.com/partners/ Partners - Java Clinical ResearchJava Clinical - Through our long standing partner alliances Java can provide cost-effective turnkey, specialist clinical trial solutions.

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