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  • User - Kids love pediasure...

    What can I say, my kids love this stuff. Amazon is the same price as Walmart, but with free shipping (2-day with Amazon Prime). I like the convenience of having stuff delivered to my door instead of me trecking out to the store only to found out they are out.

  • dakotaqua - LOVE!

    SO HANDY! I love that it hooks to the back window and moves with the opening and closing of the back end.

  • M. Ryzy - NOW is great!

    I've been buying this for over a year now. I really like NOW - inexpensive vitamins and they really seem to be high quality.

  • A. A. Eheander - My experience is unique and infuriating

    I purchased avast! based on my brother's recommendation; He's a big fan of the interface and the boot scan feature. After downloading the file, I ran into an error message (557) during installation. I tried downloading it again from amazon, and then directly from avast, but kept getting the same error message. Frustrated, I contacted amazon, who sent me to avast. Fast forward a bit, the avast tech is remotely controlling my pc so that he can see the issue for himself. He looked up "critical errors" and things like that on my computer, and concluded that the errors needed to be fixed before avast could be installed. He then said "Do you have any friends or family who are microsoft engineers?" I'm thinking to myself "umm... of coarse not!". So he says "Not a problem! We have a team of microsoft engineers who can fix this issue for you!". They quoted me $180 to fix this issue.

  • mamaknowsbest411 - Not so hot...

    Hard to steer with one hand. Had a plastic like smell even after "airing out, " did NOT like how the infant chaperone seat fit on w the adaptors. Returned both items.